1 Weird Tip for Healthy Hair – Trim Those Nails!

WEIRD TIP FOR YOUR HAIR: Keep your nails trimmed

If your nails have fissures (i.e. splits/cracks) from biting them or not keeping them trimmed, your hair will be damaged when you manipulate it or style it. Hair strands get caught in the nails’ fissures, leading to the pulling and damaging of the hair structure (i.e. hair shaft).


A weird tip for keep the hair healthy by trimming the nails

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I learnt this trick for healthy hair a long time ago, and I actually noticed a difference in my hair once I started keeping an eye on my nails. It’s another reason to keep your nails trimmed, which then means better looking hands too.

No need to now get all obsessed about your nails; do it like we do at Men’s Hair Blog by simply using a nail clipper every so often, making sure that the nails are shaped like a C to avoid said fissures.

Undamaged hair + trimmed nails = one suave dude!

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