Wayne Rooney’s New Hair at the Euro 2012!

Last updated on August 7th, 2018 at 04:12 pm

Since we are following the Euro 2012 here at Men’s Hair Blog, we could not help but notice Wayne Rooney’s new hair.

As some of you may know, Wayne Rooney is a 26 year old English soccer player currently playing for Manchester United who had a hair transplant back in June 2011, ever since he has been having his ups and downs with his £30,000 (about $47,000) hair transplant. As soon as he has his hair transplant, he tweeted the following to reason his decision:

“Just to confirm to all my followers I have had a hair transplant. I was going bald at 25 why not. I’m delighted with the result”

And this is how it looked initially in June 2011:

Wayne Rooney showing his hair transplant in 2011

Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant in June 2011

Credit: Wayne Rooney’s Twitter


That was back in June 2011 and a year later in 2012, this is how it is looking:

Wayne Rooney with his failed hair transplant in June 2012

Wayne Rooney with his new hair in June 2012 (Ashley Cole on the right)

Credit: Wayne Rooney’s Twitter


Wayne Rooney with his hair transplant in 2010 failure

Wayne Rooney’s hair and hair transplant in June 2012

Credit: BBC


Wayne Rooney is currently sporting a High and Tight hairstyle, with cropped sides/back and a trimmed top. However, from the looks of it, Wayne’s hair transplant doesn’t seem to have been successful as the thinning is very prominent on the top, with the plugged hair on the hair line growing bizarrely.

Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant is an example of the failure of a hair transplant on a patient who is suffering from early aggresive male pattern baldness and who will continue to bald despire the implanted hair all along the hairline. Patients like this do not make good hair transplant candidates, especially if they do not have the money that Wayne Rooney has; hair transplantation in patients suffering from aggressive male pattern baldness in their 20s will have to commit to lifelong implanting of more hairs as years go by, which is a very costly investment.

Incidentally, I recently interviewed at Manly Curls a patient who has had a successful hair transplant and who described the procedures involves in a hair transplant as well as what to expect. It is a very informative interview and we talked in length about hair transplants, you can read the interview here (it is split in 3 parts, that’s how long we talked about hair transplants!).

Wayne Rooney is a great soccer player and we wish him the best with his hair restoration journey!

All the best, gents.


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