Growing Hair Long – 3 Personality Traits You Should Have

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Having grown long hair myself, I often get many dudes approaching me in the most random of places asking me how to grow their manes long. Thing is, to be able to grow hair into the long length (6+ inches), you need to have a number of built-in personality traits already as not every average joe will be able to accomplish the destination of long hair. Yes, you can have the “thickest” of hair or the “good-est of hairs” but if you are lacking in these 3 personality traits, you will never get your mane rocking long.

Want to know what it takes to grow hair long? Then read on.


That’s right, you need to be determined. You may think that this is hair, the stuff which I told you is dead and which just happens to grow without you doing anything, and I could not agree more on the simplicity of the process. However, it may take you anywhere from one whole year all the way up to 4 years to grow your hair long enough for it to be considered long (+6 inches). As a matter of fact, it can take you even longer if you really want to hit it “super long” (i.e beyong shoulder length all the way to hip length!).

Now, a lot happens in a year, let alone 4. This is why I always tell those who approach me with their long hair desires to take into consideration the time span that growing their hair will cover. You must stay well-put throughout this time for there will be times when you will feel like cutting it all; this is no happy unicorns and smiling rainbows territory, folks.


Brad Pitt with long hair for the Men's Hair Blog

Are you as determined in growing your locks as the Pitt, grasshopa?



If you are the sort of guy who wants things now (or worse, yesterday) then skip the growing of your locks. Not only are you in for at least a year-long journey but you will also need to take it easy with your hair. Once hair starts reaching 5 inches and closing in into the minimum length to be classified as long, it (hair) will start taking a life of its own. You will have to detangle knots and tie your hair when it is windy outside, and sometimes you will ask yourself why the schnitzel you are doing this. Likewise, those curly haired men will find that their journey is even worse as any of the types of curly hair (wavy, coiled, kinky) will take a long time to even start to hang down.

Patience, my friend.



When you grow you hair long, you are making a statement, whether you like it or not. No, I’m not talking of showing your sub-culture affiliation to Rock & Roll and your taste in tattoed women, I’m talking about telling everyone with your long hair that you have the guts to go against the utilitarian hairstyle of wearing your hair short. While long hair in men is growing in popularity, it still remains in obscurity and anyone who does things in the reverse flow of what the mass population does, is going to get a lot of attention and looks.

Personally, when I first grew my hair long, it was very annoying to have people looking at my locks constantly, whether out of admiration or curiosity (more like “WTF, how did that guy manage to have those kinks hanging down”), but I eventually grew accustomed to the extra attention. Just bear this in mind because if you are not a naturally confident guy, long hair can become a problem.

Conclusion? Consider the growing of your mane as a journey and evaluate yourself for these 3 personality traits. Do you have them naturally? Are you willing to improve them? and most importantly, why are you growing your hair long? Once you reach a final conclusion and, if you want to grow your locks, then stick to it and read Men’s Hair Blog as we continue to give you content on growing your hair long as a male. And if you decide to stick to short or medium length hair, still read around!

All the best.


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1 comment for “Growing Hair Long – 3 Personality Traits You Should Have

  1. Pete
    August 11, 2014 at 9:40 am

    I just want to say, I’m 30+ and have had mostly long hair through my adult years of life.

    Right now it has to be the best time though.

    My hair is past my shoulders and well looked after… Taken 3 years in total.

    But the big thing that has changed in my life recently in confidence, I do get heaps of attention in public places and for that I love it…

    some people ask my why long hair? I have a very good reason but don’t always wish to share so, I say cause I can..

    I don’t go to the pub that often these days but when I do I always find heaps of people giving me attention, I never ever got before… And I really like it..

    The ladies often like it too.. Or at the very least it’s an ice breaker…

    I’m still a person, just like to have my hair a little longer…

    If you want long hair get to it, I find myself getting foils and spending “time” at the hairdresser, my hair dresser loves to play with a guys long hair, it’s a bit different for them too…

    Live Long Hair.

    Love Long Hair

    Shine Through.


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