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Sergio Ramos cuts his Long Hair!

Sergio Ramos, player of Real Madrid, with his new haircut in 2012

Soccer superstar Sergio Ramos got a haircut today, cutting his long mane for which he has been known worldwide and for many years. His should length hair was cut to a nice 1 1/2 inches on the top with back…

The 5 Rules to Good Hair

Adrian Grenier showing his good wavy haired mane

These rules are the backbone to having good hair, follow them in your quest to rocking a good-looking mane. Rule 1: Thou shalt find your optimal shampoo frequency Essential. Some dudes find daily shampooing is best for them while others…

1 Weird Tip for Better Hair

A question marked inside a head for the Men's Hair Blog

Shampoo less! That’s right, cut down shampoo frequency to every other day (one day on, one day off). This tip is actually not that weird, shampooing with a lower frequency than daily has an “underground” following and is the first…