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Grow Long Curly Hair – A Super Tip!

A male with long curly hair that is growing

Having grown my curly hair super long a couple of times throughout my lifetime, I have come to realize that there’s one important thing you must do when attempting to grow your curly hair long; it is a tip, so…

How To Grow Curly Hair Long For Men

A man with short curly hair who grew his kinks to shoulder length

Growing curly hair long can be a headache for men; this is mostly to do with the fact that the vast majority of curly haired men don’t know jack about their own waves, coils and kinks. The main goal of…

Black Men Haircuts – The Crew Cut

President Barack Obama with his kinky afro hair styled in a Crew Cut haircut

The Crew Cut is one of those great black men haircuts: it is both convenient and low maintenance. In fact, Rogelio recommends the Crew Cut haircut for kinky and afro-textured hair in his book, The Men’s Hair Book: A Male’s…