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Cristiano Ronaldo Undercut Quiff New Hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo on an airplane with Portugal and sporting an undercut hairstyle with a quiff.

Cristiano Ronaldo gets his new hair with an Undercut and Quiff hairstyle! The latest Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle is an Undercut with an asymmetric Quiff and his hair is now blonde! That’s right, Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t only clipped his hair to…

Metro Mullet Hairstyle – Haircut & Styling It

The Metro Mullet hairstyle of Cristiano Ronaldo

The Metro Mullet is a hairstyle popularised by Cristiano Ronaldo and which was first given a name by yours truly, Rogelio, in the blog Manly Curls. Essentially, the Metro Mullet hairstyle resembles a Faux Hawk with a mullet. Hair-length category…