Side Fringe Hairstyle: How To Style & What Haircut to Get

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How to style a Side Fringe hairstyle and what haircut to get

In the Side Fringe hairstyle, the hair is parted to a side so that a band of hair (i.e. fringe) hovers the forehead at an angle. The Side Fringe is one of those men’s hairstyles that gives quite the youthful look when done right as per this hairstyle guide.

Zac Effron sporting a side fringe hair style

Hair length category


Suitable hair type

Straight hair, wavy hair

Haircut for the Side Fringe hairstyle

The hair should be trimmed to any length you prefer from 2 to 6 inches. The hair on the back and sides should be an even 1 inch in length if the hair on the top is 2-3 inches; if the hair on the top is 3-6 inches, then the hair on the back/sides should be 2 inches. The line of division between the top and sides/back should be smoothed (i.e. no edges).

Haircut difficulty

2 out of 5

How to style a Side Fringe on your hair

With the Side Fringe hairstyle, you will part your hair from either the left or right temple. You will have the front of your hair covering your forehead (i.e. fringe) and styled in your desired direction. You choose how much you want the fringe to cover your forehead. Use a conventional comb (straight hair) or wide-tooth comb (wavy hair) and run it smoothly through the locks as you part them to the side and set the fringe on your forehead. The hair that is on the other side of the parted line (left if parted line at left temple, right if parted line at right temple) can follow the same style direction as the hair on the fringe or it can be styled vertically.

Good hairstyling products for the Side Fringe include hair mousse, pomade, light-hold hair gel or even a leave-in conditioner. Try to use the smallest amount of your chosen hairstyling product on the fringe so as to avoid getting the product on your forehead; your fringe will hold up in place with little product.

You may use a hair dryer too; comb the fringe as you blow dry the hair but only blow dry the fringe for a few seconds and from at least 2 feet away. Likewise, if you have wavy hair, you can use a hair straightener to straighten the fringe while leaving the rest of your hair with your natural hair type; or you can even straighten all of your hair.

Styling difficulty

2 out of 5

Which popular men have sported a cool Side Fringe hairstyle?

Justin Bieber is known for his fringe and Zac Effron sported a cool Side Fringe hairstyle in the movie 17 Again.

Zac Effron with a Side Fringe hair style

Zac Effron has sported a side fringe in his regular life too

Men’s hair products to style a Side Fringe hairstyle

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With the Side Fringe hairstyle, you can gain some youthful looks and it is a hairstyle that you can pull out in any situation, so we recommend the Side Fringe hairstyle if you want a relatively-easy hairstyle to implement that looks good any time!

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