Shoulder Length Hair Style and Haircut for Men

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How to get the proper haircut and hairstyle for shoulder length hair

The Shoulder Length hair style involves growing all of your locks to reach the shoulders or base of the neck. When done right, having shoulder length hair will look great on a male.

Russell Brand with Shoulder Length hair

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Suitable hair type

Straight hair, wavy hair, coiled hair (i.e. curly hair), kinky hair

Haircut for the Shoulder Length hair style

The Shoulder Length hair style requires the hair to be trimmed in layers so that all of it reaches the shoulders and doesn’t exceed this length mark. If you have straight hair, the hair at the very top of your head will require an approximate extended length of about 12 inches to reach the shoulders (15 inches for wavy hair) whereas the hair at the nape will only need about 4 inches of extended length (6 inches for wavy hair), hence the need to trim the hair in layers as it grows.

You are best growing the Shoulder Length hair style by first getting a haircut that has all your hair at an even length all around your head so that you start growing your Is from the same length. Then, trim the hair as each segment of the scalp reaches the shoulders.

Haircut difficulty

3 out of 5

How to style the Shoulder Length hair style

There’s no specific styling with the Shoulder Length and you can get creative with the shoulder length hair other than doing the usual parting of the hair away from the face so that it doesn’t interfere you visual field. You can part the hair to the sides, slick it back, just let it hang down naturally or put your locks into a ponytail. Good hair products to style the hair include pomade (if you have straight hair), hair gel, hair mousse and styling cream.

I recommend you to try using a hair dryer to blow out the long hair while using hair mousse; your hair will look like a lion’s mane! Straightening your hair if you have wavy hair or even any of the other curly hair types (i.e. coiled and kinky) can be implemented so that you get to wear loose hanging locks. To straighten your hair, you can either use a hair straightener for temporary results or use a hair relaxer, which is a hair product with ingredients that straighten the hair permanently.

For what is worth, be aware that kinky hair (i.e. afro textured hair) may virtually never hang down on the shoulders due to kinky hair puffing out extremely and defying gravity at very long lengths.

Styling difficulty

2 out of 5

Which male has sported a cool Shoulder Length hair style?

The Shoulder Length is a favorite hair style of Johnny Depp in between filming movies (Johnny Depp grows out his straight hair to shoulder length then cuts them again for another movie).

Johnny Depp with long shoulder length hair and cool hairstyle

Johnny Depp looking a bit orange with his Shoulder Length hair style

Men’s hair products to use for the Shoulder Length hair style

Overall, the Shoulder Length hair style brings a unique element to your hair, for shoulder length hair is rare to be seen on a male. The only issue comes with time, and growing your hair to shoulder length can take anywhere from 1 year to 3 years, so you must be patient! In any case, the efforts will pay a great dividend since proper looked after shoulder length hair looks great on men!

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