Short Mens Haircuts 2013 Summer

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Short mens haircuts for a cool head during summer 2013

With the summer coming now for 2013, we have decided to pick 4 cool men’s short haircuts for summer that will fit any male regardless of hair typeYou can get any of these haircuts easily no matter your current hair length and you are ensured a very fresh summer with these short men’s haircuts. What’s more is that you can do these haircuts yourself at home with a hair clipper!

Crew Cut

The Crew Cut is a haircut that is kept short and thus becomes a hairstyle. The Crew Cut is simply left without styling or brushed up. With the Crew Cut, the sides and back are clipped very short and tapered while the top is tapered too starting at the crown.

Robin van Persie with his short straight hair styled in a crew cut

High and Tight

The High and Tight haircut is a military cut where the back and sides are clipped super short at the same length whereas the top is kept 1/2 inch long. A High and Tight is always a fresh haircut for summer.

A black male with a High and Tight haircut during military training.

Buzz Cut

A buzz cut involves getting your hair buzzed to the same length, with the chosen length being any from #1 to a #4 guard length. A buzz Cut is a very convenient haircut as you can give it to yourself at home with a hair clipper.

David Beckham with a buzz cut hairstyle for men


An Undercut is a type of bowl cut where the hair is clipped near-shaved while the top is left a short or medium length. The Undercut is known as a Darmody haircut or SS haircut as it was a haircut favoured by the Nazis in the 1930s and ’40s.

The Undercut hairstyle for straight long hair

Hair products for short men’s haircuts

In reality, all you need is a hair clipper to perform these haircuts yourself. Because the hair is kept so short, you don’t really need other hair products such as hairstyling agents or styling tools. Thus, we recommend you below some good hair clipper you can get if you’re truly interested in giving yourself a cool short haircut this summer:

Get your cool short haircut for summer

Now that you know these cool haircuts, you really have no excuse not to spend this summer 2013 with a fresh head that is both trendy and convenient. So there, grab yourself a hair clipper and get doing!

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1 comment for “Short Mens Haircuts 2013 Summer

  1. Troy Wilson
    July 2, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    We have tons of guys come into our shop asking for the James Pitt Board Walk Empire slick back look. I think Nick Wooster (however you spell it) has got the trend really going. I still prefer a bald head during the summer… jokes, im always bald lol

    Great post either way!

    – Troy

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