Sergio Ramos cuts his Long Hair!

Last updated on March 23rd, 2013 at 12:24 am

Soccer superstar Sergio Ramos got a haircut today, cutting his long mane for which he has been known worldwide and for many years. His should length hair was cut to a nice 1 1/2 inches on the top with back and sides faded with scissors. He then styled his locks by lifting them up and partying them to a side with hair mousse. These are the pictures of Sergio Ramos’ new haircut:


Sergio Ramos, player of Real Madrid, with his new haircut in 2012


Two photographs of Sergio Ramos with his new haircut in 2012

Sergio Ramos with his new haircut

Credit: Twitter

Born 30 March 1986, Sergio Ramos transferred to Real Madrid in 2005 for a reported 27 million euros and plays as either central midfielder or as a defensive wing. Sergio Ramos is known in Spain as a teenage pin-up due to his youth, amicable character and, of course, his long hair. He cutted his hair while training with the Spanish national squad as they prepare for the Euro 2012 which is to start on the 8th June in European countries Ukraine and Poland. The Euro 2012 will finish on July 1st with the final match played to decide the champions of the tournament.

In case you weren’t aware of Sergio Ramos usual long hair, this is what it looked like:


Sergio Ramos with long hair playing for Real Madrid

Sergio Ramos with his usual long hair playing for Real Madrid

Credit: Wikipedia

Sergio Ramos has been known for his long hair while playing for Real Madrid as well as for being a great defender. And while he missed a deciding penalty in the European Champions League against Bayern Munich (which had Real Madrid losing the match), Sergio Ramos has built a successful career in soccer and is known for his fighting and warrior spirit. I will leave you now with a video of some of his antics to enjoy!

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