Roger Federer Hair, Hairstyles & Haircuts

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Tennis superstar Roger Federer is known as a classy man and his hair has been no less. Roger Federer (born 8 August 1981) has wavy brown hair that he has always kept neat albeit at the same time young looking. Throughout his career, Roger Federer’s hair has gotten shorter and shorter as he started his tennis career in the late ’90s with long hair and by the early 2010s Roger Federer has preferred shorter haircuts and hairstyles.

Roger Federer Hair, Hairstyles & Haircuts – Shoulder Length

Federer started his professional tennis career having a Shoulder Length hairstyle, which he was able to pull off as he has thick wavy hair strands that are healthy. Since tennis is a sport that requires quick movements, Roger Federer would tie his hair into a ponytail and would further secure his long hair with a head band; a trick that other professional tennis players with long hair use. Off the tennis court, Roger would wear his long wavy hair loose and dangling rather than tied.

Roger Federer with long hair that is wavy and of shoulder length hairstyle

Roger Federer with shoulder length men's hair that is wavy


Roger Federer with his long wavy hair tied playing a tennis match

Roger Federer with long wavy hair that is of shoulder length!

Roger Federer Hair, Hairstyles & Haircuts – Long Middle Parted

Federer got tired of the Shoulder Length hairstyle by the early 2000s and cut his locks to about 6 inches on the top and 4 inches on the sides and back. He would the style his hair by parting it from the middle. Of course, during tennis matches his hair would be all over the place and would lose the middle parted emphasis, but Roger Federer would continue to use a head band to secure the hair off his visual field. Off the court, his middle parted wavy hair looked diesel and the ladies were throwing panties at him.

Roger Federer with a cool hairstyle that is of long length and is parted on the middle

Roger Federer with shorter hair that is still of a long length and is styled on the middle

Roger Federer Hair, Hairstyles & Haircuts – Medium length middle and side parted

Roger didn’t last very long with the long hair styled from the middle and decided to cut his mane to a medium length, approximately 4 inches on the top. Ever since, Roger Federer has maintained his hair at a medium length up to 2013. Roger Federer styles his hair with a middle part and a side part, with the hair on his back and sides to a shorter length than the top (as said, top is 3 inches, back and sides is 1 inch).

Roger Federer with medium length hairstyle middle parted during a tennis match

Roger Federer with a medium length side parted hairstyle for his wavy hair typeRoger Federer looking classier with medium length hair after cutting his long hair!

Hair Products for Roger Federer’s Hairstyles

Roger Federer Hair, Hairstyles & Haircuts

Roger seems to look his best with the medium length hair. Roger Federer’s hair type is wavy, which means that he can pull the medium length hair smoothly when parted. Roger Federer’s long hair looked really cool, but he certainly looks his best (according to the females) with the shorter hair as it looks way classier and mature. What do you think, does Roger Federer look better with long hair or medium length hair?

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