The No Shampoo Method For Men – Conclusion

Last updated on August 7th, 2018 at 03:53 pm

Conclusion to the No Shampoo method

My No Shampoo method is an excellent way to optimize your hair grooming. It involves the finding out of your optimal shampooing frequency, an element which is central to your hair-grooming routine. To find out your shampooing frequency, you must do so smartly and slowly, insert “off” days every 2 weeks and assessing the state of your hair to gauge your progress. Lastly, your optimal shampooing frequency is not static, which means that your particular frequency may change at certain times; however, you will now be able to react smoothly to any changes needed in your shampooing frequency without any dramas whatsoever!

But, dude, who the hell has done this shampoo method thing you’re talking about? Good question; to assure you that this works, I’ll show you a couple of pictures of me using the no shampoo method on my uber bushy thick beastly curls!

Man with curly hair who uses the no shampoo poo method

Partying like a boss with my thick curls obtained from my no shampoo method

I also did a natural hair challenge in which I went 30 days without using shampoo or any other hair product; I only use the Sebum Coating method to clean my hair. This is me the day after I shampooed my hair:


Man who uses shampoo for the no poo method natural challenge

And now below is my hair after 30 days of only using the Sebum Coating method; no shampoo, no hairstyling products, no conditioners, NOTHING. Just my fingers and my sebum. You be the judge:

Man who uses shampoo for the no poo method natural challenge

 Ignore the blanking of the face, I’m one ugly dog

See? If the No Shampoo method works for my thick long bushy beastly coils and kinks, it will work on any other hair type or length. I’ve also had lots of dudes (and continue to have) jumping on my method and everyone reports shinier and thicker-looking hair upon finding their optimal shampooing frequency.

Try it: find out your optimal shampooing frequency through my No Shampoo method and get those locks rocking!

All the best.


This is Part 3 (Conclusion) of the No Shampoo method tutorial for men. Click for 2nd part of the No Shampoo method, and click for the 1st part of the No Shampoo method; you’ll also be able to download the first chapter of The Men’s Hair Book and get a taste of this magnificent hair-care resource.

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