Mop Top Hairstyle & Haircut: How To Style It

How to do the Mop Top hairstyle and Haircut to rock it 60’s style!

The Mop Top is a hairstyle that is mostly associated with the Beatles during the ’60s;┬áPaul McCartney and the rest of The Beatles’ crew popularized the Mop Top hairstyle, but the medium-length Mop Top died in the ’70’s and it wasn’t revived until nowadays (due to the internet!). The Mop Top hairstyle is thus an excellent styling option for your hair that will certainly have you standing out if you get the Mop Top right. Essentially, the Mop Top is a medium-length hairstyle that covers the forehead and ears with vertical bang; it is thus an easy hairstyle to do if you follow this tutorial to the T.

The Bleatles with the cool Mop Top hairstyle

The Beatles with the original Mop Top!

Hair length category


Suitable hair type

Straight hair, wavy hair

Haircut for the Mop Top hairstyle

The hair should be trimmed evenly all around the head so that the hair at the front reaches the eyebrow while the hair on the sides covers (or almost fully covers) the ears. The hair at the back maintains the same length as the hair on the front and sides, thus the hair on the lower back of the head (i.e. nape) touches the collarbone. The hair on the back of the head should not pass the collarbone; if it does, trim the hair to collarbone level.

Haircut difficulty

3 out of 5

How to style the Mop Top hairstyle

The hair should be styled starting from the centre of the top of the head; from there onwards, use a comb to bring the hair down and straight (i.e. vertically to the floor) so that a fringe is left on the forehead while the hair on the sides covers the ears and the hair on the back is hanging down.

Pomade, hair mousse or a leave-in conditioner work good as hairstyling products for the Mop Top. A hair dryer may be used (especially with the hair mousse) to give the Mop Top a bit more of volume, but be careful as using the hair dryer for too-long bouts can make the hair stand up instead of hang down. In the case that your wavy hair is not allowing the hair to fully hang down, then use a hair straightener and straighten your wavy hair.

The Beatles with the Mop Top hairstyle and haircut

Styling difficulty

2 out of 5

Which male celebrity has sported the Mop Top hairstyle?

The Beatles’ band member Sir James Paul McCartney (aka Paul McCartney) sported a Mop Top during the early ’60s and the ladies were throwing their panties at him.

Paul McCartney with a Mop Top hairstyle and haircut

Men’s hair products for the Mop Top hairstyle

The Mop Top is a hairstyle that will certainly make you stand out with that ’60s rock & roll allure. If you have straight hair or wavy hair, then consider the Mop Top hairstyle because it’s one of those hairstyles that you must sport at least once!

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