Metro Mullet Hairstyle – Haircut & Styling It

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The Metro Mullet is a hairstyle popularised by Cristiano Ronaldo and which was first given a name by yours truly, Rogelio, in the blog Manly Curls. Essentially, the Metro Mullet hairstyle resembles a Faux Hawk with a mullet.

Cristiano Ronaldo with a cool Metro Mullet hairstyle for his curly hair

Hair-length category


Suitable hair type

Straight hair, wavy hair, coiled hair

Haircut for the Metro Mullet

The haircut for the Metro Mullet has the hair at different lengths across the head. The hair on the top of the head and back should be a short even length (1-2 inches); however, the area conforming the nape’s hairline and 1-inch above is to be 1 inch longer than the remaining hair on the back (and top). Thus, the hair in this lowest section of the back of the head is to have enough length to recreate a Mullet hairstyle (albeit the mullet in the Metro Mullet is shorter and has less scalp area than the mullet in the Mullet hairstyle).

Alternatively, the back of the head (area above the mullet) can be shorter than the top by up to 1 inch; however, if you choose this option for the Metro Mullet, the mullet is to be 1-inch longer than the hair on the back and not 1-inch longer than the top. For example, if you have 2 inches at the top and 1 inch at the back, then the mullet should be 2 inches long (1 + 1).

The sides of the head in the Metro Mullet should be tapered to a #2 and can either be smoothed at the top (between top and upper part of the side of the head) or can be left with a sharp edge.

Haircut difficulty

4 out of 5

Styling the Metro Mullet

To style a Metro Mullet, you can do a Faux Hawk on the top and back going down to the mulleted area on the back. Likewise, you can also opt for a Messy hairstyle on the back and sides by which you use your fingers to direct your hair randomly. You can get creative, but you should always do the same hairstyle on the top and the back (except for the mullet) if you choose to have both areas (top and back) at an equal hair length; that is, don’t have one hairstyle on the top and another hairstyle on the back.

The mullet in the Metro Mullet can be styled as you wish, either following the same hairstyle that you’ve chosen for the top and back or doing the mullet in another hairstyle. A good style for the mullet is to flare it out by using the fingers and attempting to resemble the tail of a peacock. If you hair is curly (either wavy or coiled), then be careful with the mullet as it is easy for the hair in this section of the scalp to become matted and tangled. You can also have the mullet hanging down, which looks best if the hair on the back has been trimmed to a shorter length than the top.

For the Metro Mullet, you can use hair wax or hair gel if you want a gravity-defying style, or you can use pomade or hair mousse if you want your hair to be loose and and freestyled.

Styling difficulty

3 out of 5

Who sports a Metro Mullet hairstyle?

Cristiano Ronaldo has sported a Metro Mullet on and off during his Manchester United and Real Madrid tenures.

Cristiano Ronaldo sporting a Metro Mullet hairstyle

Recommended hair products for the Metro Mullet

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