Leo Messi’s New Haircut and Style: Shaggy Hairstyle!

Last updated on August 5th, 2014 at 07:28 pm

Leo Messi got a new haircut and changed his style to a Shaggy hairstyle!

Leo Messi got a new haircut yesterday and is sporting a new Shaggy hairstyle and look. Leo Messi got a new haircut as Neymar Junior was on the same day introduced at Nou Camp as F.C Barcelona’s new superstar soccer player. What is quite interesting out of all of this is that Lionel (aka Leo) Messi got his new haircut and style not only the same day as Neymar was publicly introduced to fans but Messi also got the same hairstyle (Shaggy) that Neymar was sporting prior to his arrival to Barcelona a week ago. Leo Messi has all of us used to his classic cut and hairstyle and all out of a sudden Messi has got a newer trendier haircut and hairstyle as he has just arrived to Argentina to prepare Argentina’s World Cup classifying matches.

By the way, click the following link if you are looking for the NEW haircut of Leo Messi in August 2014, a hairstyle that he is wearing after coming back from his summer holidays and joining his FC Barcelona teammates for their pre-season training sessions!

Leo Messi (left) with his usual boring hairstyle…

Leo Messi with Neymar Junior and his old hairstyle


…And this is Leo Messi’s new haircut and hairstyle!

Leo Messi with his hairdresser and his new haircut and hairstyle

Leo Messi changes his hair style and look

As you can see, Leo Messi has decided to spice up his looks and styles, including his hair. Leo Messi has recently won the Spanish La Liga title, beating fellow rivals Real Madrid with Cristiano Ronaldo as their flagship (Ronaldo is also known for his peculiar mens hairstyles). Likewise, Leo Messi has been a recent father of a boy (Thiago) so it begs no question that Messi is feeling experimental and up for changing his looks a tad.

This was Neymar’s Shaggy hairstyle prior to coming to Barcelona…

Neymar with his hair in a Shaggy hairstyle and the sides and back of the scalp clipped.

How to do Leo Messi’s new haircut and hairstyle

Leo Messi got a regular taper cut, which I recommend you to get done at a hairdresser or barber. The hairstyle itself is a Shaggy hairstyle, which involves coating your fingers in hair wax, hair gel or pomade and then initially lifting the hair up only to proceed to tousling the hair, directing it however you want the different sections of the hair on the scalp to go to. You then use the hair dryer to get the hair fixed in position as you desire.

The Shaggy hairstyle is best done if you have straight hair like Leo Messi. If you don’t have straight hair, you can always straighten your hair with a high-quality hair straightener.

Hair products for the new Leo Messi hair look

To get the Shaggy hairstyle done right, you will need to use a hairstyling product (choose either a wax, gel or pomade) and a hair dryer; you will also need a hair straightener if you don’t have straight hair or if you want to define even further your naturally-straight hair. All links below open on a new window to our specifically-recommended models on Amazon:

Rock Leo Messi’s new hair look too!

That’s it, really. Messi may not be the most good-looking kid on the block but he sure got the best talent out of them all. We have got ourselves used to seeing him with boring short and long length hairstyles, so this new trendier haircut and hairstyle look surely looks good on Messi, and, now with Neymar on the F.C Barcelona team, we are bound to see some good hair and soccer skills on the field next season!

All the best.

P.S: After you’re done buying yourself the products on Amazon to emulate Messi’s new hair look, make sure you watch this video showing Messi’s talent with the ball. Priceless, pibe!

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