The Men’s Hair Book: A Male’s Guide To Hair Care, Hair Styles, Hair Grooming, Hair Products and Rocking It All Without The Baloney

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Oh yes, it’s that time of the year again; the time when I write a new… wait for it… wait for it…. a new book! Well, this one is more than a book; it’s an actual 258-pages-long men’s hair blueprint.

The book cover for The Men's Hair Book, formerly The Men's Hair Guide

My 2nd book!

If you already know me, you’d know I’m a hair nerd/geek/connoisseur/insert “hip” word, and if you don’t know me already, then I’ll tell you now: I really am into my men’s hair stuff. I’ve been studying, testing and experimenting all about hair for us dudes, which led me to first writing the best-selling book The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils And Kinks. Not happy enough with having written a first book, I’ve gone and written a second one, and, while The Curly Hair Book was more oriented towards the hair types that fall under the curly texture (wavy to afro-textured) and was a book that had a very strong inspirational and motivational vibe to it, The Men’s Hair Guide is a huge literary blueprint that details the very specifics of hair care, hair grooming and styling for a modern male.

Central to The Men’s Hair Book is my pioneering system: the hair-management equation. I developed this hair-management equation as a system so as to provide the concepts and methods for a male to rapidly and conveniently achieve great-looking hair; the hair-management equation is divided into 3 “aspects” (hair profiling, hair grooming and hair care), and it is the integration and orderly flow of the elements that make up each hair-management aspect that yield the outstanding success of my system, a system that has also been tested in a barbershop setting!

Anthony, a former professional barber and Men’s Hair Blog advisor, has been a friend of mine for years and it was with him that I was able to test my hair concepts and hone my system in his barbershop. In fact, in The Men’s Hair Book, I have included real-life case studies that have occurred at Anthony’s barbershop over the years and that serve to illustrate (to you) how the concepts and methods that you will learn pan out in the real world. Every chapter is ended with a Conclusion section and a Case Study section so that you solidify the content of the given chapter in your mind.

This is what you will find in The Men’s Hair Book (click the hyperlink to go to the Amazon page):

  • A hair-profiling system that puts your hair into a type and length category, and also measures how much your hair may curl.
  • The popular Norwood male balding classification explained in detail so that you can identify any current or future hair loss.
  • My popular hair-grooming method, including my No Shampoo method and my Sebum Coating method.
  • All about cleaning your hair, from how to use shampoo to cleaning your hair without shampoo and with natural alternatives.
  • All about conditioners and how to condition your hair as well as how to make the most of the sebum you secrete (yes, your hair follicles secrete sebum!).
  • A full analysis of all hair products and how to select the appropriate ones for your particular hair profile.
  • An in-depth coverage of how to style your hair, including the relevant hairstyles that suit your hair profile.
  • The correct methods to optimally use hair dryers and hair straighteners as a male without frying your hair.
  • Guidelines for growing your hair long and working out how long your hair will take to reach certain lengths and hairstyles.
  • A guide on how to shop for the correct barber or hairdresser.
  • A plan of action that has you seeing the optimizing of your hair as a journey that follows an optimal and efficient order and that is made up of a set of steps and actions to be implemented.
  • A big list of busted myths that will not only be extremely helpful for your hair-optimizing efforts but will also be great for bar talk!
  • The last chapter contains 35 miscellaneous questions that I have answered so as to bulletproof your journey.
  • An appendix section with 28 visual references that are used throughout the book.
  • Tables and more tables so as to solidify your learning (I love tables, as you will get to see!).
  • Every chapter is neatly summarized at the end with a “Conclusion” section to ensure that you have picked all the important knowledge taught in the chapter.
  • Each chapter is ended with a real-life case study of a situation that has occurred at Anthony’s barbershop and that is related to the lesson learnt in the given chapter.

And these are the chapters:

  • Preface
  • 1) Introduction: You’ve Got Hair, So Do Something About It!
  • 2) Hair-Profiling Aspect: Get To Know Your Hair
  • 3) Hair Grooming Aspect: Your Daily Interacting With Your Mane
  • 4) Hair-Care Aspect: The Big 3 Issues To Battle To Sport Great-Looking Hair
  • 5) Hair-Care Aspect: Eating Right For Great-Looking Hair
  • 6) Giving Your Mane Its Shape: Hairstyles, Hair Accessories, Straightening Your Locks, Growing That Mane And Getting A Haircut
  • 7) Putting Everything Together: Go Out And Rock That Mane!
  • 8) Hair Myths: Let’s Get Our Facts Straight
  • 9) Questions & Answers: The Miscellaneous Stuff You Will Ask Yourself
  • Epilogue
  • Appendix

Here is, for example, a chart depicting my ISEZ hair-typing method; it won’t make much sense to you right now, but once you read the book you will be ever so glad you purchased The Men’s Hair Book and have learnt such important stuff as typing men’s hair!

The ISEZ method to typing men's hair from straight hair to curly hair to afro-textured hair

 Some cool stuff huh?

The Men’s Hair Book is more than just a book, it is a guide and a blueprint to maximizing your hair and being finally happy about your own locks as you get to customize them per your desire, wants and needs!

All the best gents; any questions, let them know.


P.S: you can buy The Men’s Hair Book in both paperback and Kindle versions. Click here for the paperback version and click here for the Kindle version.

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