Mario Balotelli Hair’s Barbershop Funny Commercial

Last updated on July 6th, 2012 at 05:38 pm

And while we are still deciding on who should be crowned as our “King of Manes” of the Euro 2012, here at Men’s Hair Blog we dig bringing you anything related to the hair of soccer players as they are one of our present day’s sources of hair inspiration.

In this instance, I would like to add to our library of cool videos the funny commercial depicting Mario Balotelli’s hair at the barbershop. Made by Nike (Balotelli’s sponsor), it was prepared and broadcasted just in time for the UEFA Euro 2012. Piggybacking on Mario Balotelli’s tough image, the commercial portrays Super Mario in the barbershop deciding which hairstyle to sport for the upcoming Euro 2012 tournament.

Mario Balotelli gets several hairstyles done which are puns to hairstyles worn by past footballers including wavy locks akin to FC Barcelona’s own Carles Puyol (Puyol is also sponsored by Nike), a blonde afro sported previously by Colombian Carlos Valderrama and the reverse pussybush sported by Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldo Nazario. Mario Balotelli finally settles for the Mohawk short crest that he had during the Euro 2012 (only that in the actual tournament he had dyed it blonde).

Cool video to watch for the LOLZ, I’m sure we will hear more from Mario Balotelli, whether hair related or not, in the near future so keep an eye for this young talented soccer player!

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