Leo Messi New Haircut and Hairstyle Pictures

Last updated on August 2nd, 2018 at 05:22 pm

Leo Messi has a new haircut and hairstyle that he got after being inspired by the short military hairstyles. The new haircut of Leo Messi is a Regulation Cut, which is a popular mens military haircut. The Regulation Cut is similar to a 2-Step Undercut, although the Regulation Cut has a taper on the first layer of the cut and then is clipped super short for the second (and bottom) layer. The Regulation Cut could thus be said to be similar to a high fade, only that the Regulation Cut has a taper and not a fade.

Below are some pictures of Leo Messi new haircut and hairstyle. You can see how Lionel Messi’s hair is styled in a quiff, with the forelock raised above the rest of the hair on the top. Leo Messi’s hairstyles have been, for the most part, boring styles, so, with regards to this new hairstyle of Leo Messi, it certainly kills it in terms of trendiness and surprise factor!

The new haircut of Leo Messi

The new hairstyle of Messi

The new hair of Messi

Leo Messi with his barber who gave him a new haircut

The military haircut of Messi

The new look of Messi

The back view of Leo Messi haircut

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