Jewfro Hairstyle Guide: Haircut, Hair Products & Tips

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How to get a Jewfro hairstyle: Your blueprint for big curls!

The so-called Jewfro is a popular hairstyle for men with curly hair that emphasizes a round and even hair shape across the scalp so as to take advantage of the inherent ability of curly hair to stand up at medium to long lengths.

A photograph of a Jewish Italian guy with a medium-length jewfro hairstyle for his brown coiled curls

The Jewfro hairstyle name comes from the popularity of this hairstyle among males of Jewish heritage, for whom coiled-curly hair is a common trait. As it relates to other curly men’s hairstyles, the Jewfro is, as a matter of fact, similar in shape and style to the common Afro hairstyle in that the hair is allowed to stand up, puff out and achieve exceptional natural volume.

A photograph of a young Jewish male with his curly hair styled as an afro which is also known as a Jewfro

It should be duly noted that the term “Jewfro” may be used in a pejorative manner, so I caution you on using this hairstyle name. Furthermore, the use of this hairstyle name may be used colloquially by those of non-Jewish heritage. Other similarly-colloquial names by which the Jewfro can go include the “white afro”, “white ‘fro” and “bro ‘fro”. Alternatively, the Jewfro hairstyle can be spelled as “Jew ‘fro” too.

Hair-length category

Medium length and long length.

A photograph of a middle-aged white male with his medium curly hair combed back into a Jewfro hairstyle

Suitable hair type

Coiled curly hair.

Haircut for the Jewfro hairstyle

The hair should be trimmed evenly all around the head to a medium length or a long length of your choice, and the one area of the scalp that can be trimmed shorter is the sideburns area (which you can simply buzz down to a short hair-clipper length). However, the ideal haircut length in a Jewfro as with most curly hairstyles for curly hair men is a length that is within the range of 4 to 8 inches. Any shorter, (i.e. curly hair is shorter than 4 inches) and the hair will simply be too short to create a smooth round shape across the scalp; any longer, (i.e. curly hair is longer than 8 inches) and the hair will start to hang down from the intrinsic weight of the curly locks.

A photograph of a handsome Spanish guy with coiled curly hair styled as a Jewfro

You should also remember that coiled curly hair will still look relatively short at 8 inches in length since the coiled pattern of this particular men’s hair type eats up a lot of “visible” length as it grows. For more information on the intricacies of curly hair and its length, go see my hair length guide so as to learn about how, among many other interesting tidbits, curly hair always looks shorter than it really is.

On the topic of curly men’s haircuts, the Jewfro hairstyle can easily be trimmed into a good-looking messy top with tapered sides. I’ve said this again and again on this site and in my books, curly men’s hair tends to look much better when the sides of the head are trimmed to a near-shaved length by using short haircuts like the fade haircut or the crew cut haircut. To illustrate the improved aesthetics of a Jewfro hairstyle when the sides are buzzed, here’s a picture of a fade haircut with a short top hairstyle (slicked back):

A before-and-after picture of a Hispanic male with a Jewfro hairstyle trimmed into a curly messy top with a fade haircut

Lastly, because the Jewfro hairstyle emphasizes an overall round pattern atop the head, this particular hairstyle is thus not optimal for balding men or men with receding hairlines. The slicked back hairstyle is, by far, better suited for curly males who are balding or who have prominent receded hairlines.

A photograph of a balding male with a curly Jewfro hairstyle that slightly covers his receded hairline

Haircut difficulty

3 out of 5 (an even-length haircut is always best left in the hands of a good barbershop or hair-salon professional).

How to style a Jewfro

Use hair mousse to lift the hair up when it is damp. Run your fingers coated with hair mousse through your locks so that your hair gets coated with this hairstyling product in its entirety; emphasize the lifting up and puffing out of your coils as you run your fingers through the hair. Once you’ve coated the locks with hair mousse, blow-dry the hair (with a hair dryer), but don’t go overboard with the blow-drying; a 3-second count per scalp segment is enough. Aim to leave some residual dampness on the hair.

A photograph of an overweight male sporting his coiled hair as a Jewfro hairstyle with a long curly haircut

Styling difficulty

2 out of 5 stars (you can easily style your hair into a Jewfro with no additional help).

Male celebrity with a Jewfro hairstyle

An example of a celebrity male with an epic Jewfro hairstyle is Justin Guarini, a popular American singer who has sported this hairstyle for most of his career since 2002. In fact, Justin Guarini is a good example to showcase how curly hair starts to hang down once it starts getting longer than 8 inches in hair length. Here’s a picture of Justin Guarini’s curly hair in a Jewfro hairstyle:

A picture of Justin Guarini with his iconic Jewfro hairstyle for his medium-length curly hair

Now, here’s another picture (below) of Justin Guarini with longer curly hair exceeding 8 inches in length; you can see how his curly locks have started to hang down and point down (as opposed to the upward-pointing nature of his curly locks in the previous picture).

A photograph of Justin Guarini with his medium curly hairstyle as he smiles while posing for the camera during a somewhat-recent photoshoot

Recommended hair products for the Jewfro hairstyle

The Jwfro hairstyle is a low-maintenance hairstyle that should be approached with a minimalist styling manner: simply use a hairstyling product like a hair mousse, styling cream or leave-in conditioner to get the hair puffing up while you use a hair dryer to encourage the hair to stay puffed up and standing up. You may even not use a hair dryer and go solo with any of the aforementiond 3 hairstyling products.

In any case, here are the products that I recommend for an epic Jewfro hairstyle:

  • Hair mousse: to be used as a de-facto syling product for your Jewfro.
  • Styling cream: to be used as an alternative styling product for your Jewfro if you seek a high-shine look.
  • Leave-in conditioner: to be used as an alternative styling product if you seek a natural no-shine look. Bear in mind that leave-in conditioners for men do not have any holding strength, so only use a leave-in conditioner to style your Jewfro if your curly hair is shorter than 6 inches; with longer curly hair, leave-in conditioners will actually cause the curls to be weighed down (and,thus, hang down), which is the opposite of what you want to achieve for your Jewfro hairstyle.
  • Hair dryer: to amplify the volume of your curly Jewfro hairstyle.
  • Hair spray: if, despite using any of the above hairstyling products with a hair dryer, your hair cannot hold itself up (i.e. standing up and puffing up), then use a hair spray on your hair to lock your curly mane into your freshly-shaped Jewfro; a hair spray simply acts to lock your hair into whatever shape you want it to lock with the locked effect lasting the whole day through. Make sure to leave about one foot of a distance (i.e. 30 centimeters) between your hair and the hairspray while using the spray to lock your Jewfro hairstyle shape.

If you’re unsure about how to use the hairstyling products above, then see my hair products guide on styling men’s hair.

A picture of an American Jewish male with dark brown curly hair styled with a Jewfro haircut

Jewfro hairstyle guide summary

For those of you with coiled curly hair, it just isn’t a surprise for you when I say that coiled-curly hairstyles can be quite a trick to find and optimize for your mane. Sure, they are there and I’ve dedicated a whole blog section to men’s curly hair covering pretty much everything that you need to know about your hair type. Thus, and following on from my special interest in curly hairstyles for men (I too have coiled-curly hair!) the Jewfro hairstyle proves itself as yet another hair-styling weapon in your grooming arsenal that you can conveniently achieve and rock any time and anywhere so long as you follow the straightforward tips and advice on this guide.

So rock on those coiled “Jewfro” manes, gentlemen!


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