Is Iker Casillas Losing Hair & Balding?

Last updated on October 3rd, 2012 at 08:48 pm

If you are a soccer fan, you will know who Spanish Iker Casillas is; if you are not, Iker Casillas is the current goalkeeper for Real Madrid and for the world champion Spanish national squad (aka La Roja). Needless to say, the 31 year old (born 20 May 1981) has accomplished plenty in his career, but with a salary of $6 million, you’d think that he would be on the latest to keep his brunette mane up to par. With a girlfriend like this one, it’d certainly be in his interest!


 Sara Carbonero is the girlfriend of Iker Casillas

 And this is our friend, Iker Casillas, who gets to go home with the babe above!

So there, it all seems fine and dandy for now. However, recent captions taken of Iker Casillas in this last month show that the renowned Spanish goalkeeper is not be doing so well with his hair. The Spanish press is even speculating that Iker has already visited some hair specialists in Madrid, and that he may be using the popular and acclaimed hair loss treatment Rogaine/minoxidil. And while I treat the Spanish press with a high degree of skepticism, the pictures speak for themselves:

Iker Casillas seems to be experiencing hairloss of a male patter baldness nature, which he has been trying to conceal with frontal bangs. Unfortunately, the pictures show a patent degree of hair thinning on his front, which is very difficult to conceal by only using hairstyles and under natural sunlight (see the first of the 2 pictures above).

Of course, Iker Casillas will keep all of this to himself, and he continues doing what he is best at, helping Real Madrid and the Spanish national soccer team win more trophies! However, his thinning is quite prominent already, so it is only am matter of time, unless he does something about it soon. It must be said, though, that given his age, Iker Casillas looks to be following a very natural progression of male pattern baldness, a hairloss condition which accelerates its progression most commonly in a male’s 30s.

At Men’s Hair Blog it pains us to see a cool guy like Iker Casillas, who himself is a gentleman and suave guy, to go down the male pattern baldness path, but hair loss can affect anyone at any age and without warning, so we will, for now, keep watching Mr. Casillas on TV and touching wood, so that our friend keeps the rest of his hair for a long time!

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