How to Shampoo Fast and Properly for Men’s Hair

FACT: The majority of men shampoo too much and too frequently.


Miguel Veloso with his epic hairstyle and using shampoo fast and properly

Well, except Miguel Veloso with his epic hair!


And while I have devoted one article to the frequency of shampoo for men, I will like to now describe the method to how to shampoo properly. Whether you have straight hair, curly hair, kinky hair, it doesn’t matter, the shampooing act itself is the same. However, to make the application of the shampoo fast and convenient, you need to know the precise steps to make the shampooing act a smooth one. Thus, the best way to go about shampooing is to put it into a method so that you can be efficient in doing it! Check it out:

How to shampoo properly

Step 1

Soak your hair in water. You should massage the scalp as water runs on it until all of your hair is completely soaked.

Step 2

Grab the shampoo and squeeze one finger tip. Place the fingertip of shampoo on the center of the top of your head. Do not have water running on your head in this step.

Step 3

Do Step 2 on the following areas of your scalp:

  • Middle of the forehead’s hairline
  • Crown, also known as vertex, it is the back of the top of your head.
  • Both sides of the head, just above the ear.
  • About 4 inches above the hairline at the nape.

Essentially, you will have placed 6 lumps of shampoo on your scalp. There should be no water running on your head during the shampoo application process. Place the lumps of shampoo fast: each placing of the shampoo lump will take you about 10 seconds per area as you squeeze the shampoo and then apply it on the selected area.

Step 5

Place your hands on each of the selected shampoo lumps and massage until lather forms. A good pairing of areas to massage simultaneously is:

  • 2 sides of head (one hand per side)
  • Middle of forehead’s hairline with crown area
  • Center of head with nape area

Massage all paired areas for a 10-20 second count. The lather will start forming as you do the massaging motion and it is imperative that you try to get the lather mostly on your scalp, not the whole hair strands. No water running on your head in this step either; you massage the areas without water running on them.

Step 6

Once you have done the massaging of the aforementioned areas of your scalp, you can now rinse the shampoo. Bend your head down and allow the running water to remove the lather. Do not touch your hair with your hands at this stage, the running water should be the one doing all the rinsing of the shampoo. Be careful not to get the shampoo in your eyes as it will sting! Once the lather has been rinsed, you can lightly manipulate your hair to ensure that the shampoo has been efficiently removed. Do not rub your hands against the hair, simply pat your hair lightly as water runs on it to ensure that all the shampoo has been rinsed.

That’s it, that’s how to shampoo fast and properly! The shampoo has been applied efficiently and has been removed efficiently, step by step. Most men skip steps of the shampooing process or manipulate their hair while the water is rinsing the shampoo (doing this will lead to the hair tangling and becoming frizzy). As I said, allow the water to do the rinsing work and only after, do the final touches with your hands to ensure the total removal of the shampoo.

Some shampoos for men which I recommend are:

American Crew does it again. Great shampoo for all hair types and it is gentle on the scalp. Highly recommended for those folks wanting a shampoo which will never let them down.

Digging this shampoo by Redken, Anthony tells me that this one is recommended by many barbers. I had the occasion to try it and can say that it did the job. It is one of Anthony’s preferred shampoo and since he is a hairdresser, I go with his taste in shampoo!

And, of course, how not. Nizoral is a great shampoo for those who are flaking and their dandruff is getting out of control. Nizoral kills it right from the go.  Absolutely recommended even if you are not flaking as it will prevent dandruff occurring in the first place!

Guys, there are shampoos and there are SHAMPOOS. Grab yourself a good shampoo like the ones above and follow the shampooing method as described. If you follow our method to fast shampoo use, you will be doing the whole shampooing process in 3 minutes or less; the more your practice your shampooing, the more efficient you will become. I can shampoo in just over 2 minutes, talk about a fast shampoo use!

All the best,


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