How To Do The Zyzz Hairstyle – Tutorial for Aesthetic Hair

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Following from the previous hair tutorial on how to get the haircut for the Zyzz hairstyle, I’d like to now go through the Zyzz hairstyle itself. Like Rogelio stated in Chapter 5 of his book The Curly Hair Book, the difference between a men’s haircut and a men’s hairstyle is that the latter has the hair manipulated day in and day out so as to put it into a style or look. Thus, the Zyzz hairstyle requires a particular manipulation to have it looking aesthetic. This hair tutorial is lengthy, so bookmark it now so that you can come back to it whenever you want to sport the Zyzz hairstyle.

Aziz “Zyzz” Sergeyevich Shavershian (born 24th March 1989) was famous for coining 3 phrases that have become part of internet culture:

  • U mirin’? (which means, are you admiring my body/my hair?)
  • U jelly? (means, are you jealous of my body/my hair?)
  • U mad? (means, are you angry at this or that)

As much of a narcissist as Zyzz may have been, his playful nature and quest to achieve an aesthetic body had him garnering a huge following online and Zyzz certainly had a likeability factor that his brother Chestbrah never has had (and never will). As Zyzz’s popularity increased, he was more and more in the spotlight, so not only did his body need to be in top shape but also his hair.

Zyzz had several hairstyles during his celebrity days, including a pseudo Metro Mullet hairstyle (name coined by Rogelio and inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo); a hairstyle that is inherently short length. At its longest, Zyzz’s hair had an approximate 3 inches on the top and 2 inches on the sides and back of the head. Here are some pictures to illustrate Zyzz’s most popular hairstyle, from whom the hairstyle’s name comes from (continue reading below for Zyzz’s hairstyle instructions):

Zyzz showing his hair and bizarre dancing skills!

How to do the Zyzz hairstyle

Zyzz’s hairstyle was basically a Faux Hawk with the front parted to the side. The sides and back of the head were done in a shaggy manner, enhancing the sharp-looking length of his hair with a hair straightener (Zyzz was constantly straightening his hair with a hair straightener).

  1. After showering, dry your hair so that it is left with a little bit of dampness.
  2. Apply a heat-protecting hair product to the hair; coat the hair with generous amounts of this product as it will protect your hair from damaging it with the hair straightener.
  3. Blow-dry your hair now, using a comb to gently hold several locks of hair at a time to work on with the blow dryer. The goal is to have your hair blow-dried prior to straightening it.
  4. Grab the hair straightener and now go through different segments of your scalp, straightening the locks until you have straightened all of the hair in your head.
  5. Once your hair is straightened, put some pomade in your fingers and style like this
  • Top of head: lift up all hair and style it towards the center so as to make a crest. Then, flattened the hair on the front of the head, parting this hair to the right. You can leave a small fringe or not covering the forehead, it’s up to you (Zyzz used to leave a small fringe in his earlier days).
  • Sides of head: try to lift the hair up a bit so that it is at an angle from the scalp. The hair closest to the ear should have its definition enhanced by using a tad more pomade as you run your fingers through the locks. The enhanced definition of the hair on this segment of the scalp will then create the illusion of floating sideburns.
  • Back of the head: do as for the sides of the head, but try to lift the hair that is around the nape a bit further up, creating a small quasi mullet.
  • Once you have styled with your fingers, use the comb to give the finishing touches to the crest and fringe.

Points to remember while doing the Zyzz hairstyle

  • The hair is supposed to have a shaggy/messy element to it, so aim to lift the hair up as you style it with the pomade in your fingers.
  • Try to use your fingers when styling, and use a comb when you are blow-drying the hair to hold the locks that are being blow-dried. Likewise, use a comb to give the final toughes to the crest and fringe.
  • To have the hair defined and looking glossy, run your fingers through the locks from their base to the tips with pomade so as to leave a film of pomade coating the defined locks. Do as many locks as you want like this.
  • To avoid damaging your hair, you must dry your hair with a towel or T-shirt prior to blow-drying your hair and you must use a heat-protecting hair product.
  • Ensure that your hair is dry or lightly moist before blow-drying, otherwise you will fry your hair!

Hairstyling products for the Zyzz hairstyle

You can use pomade for the Zyzz hairstyle; alternatively you can use hair wax and hair mousse to style this hairstyle too. Buy your hairstyling products below; it is best that you buy the 3 together so that you can then play around and find which one suits you best to achieve the Zyzz look. Pomade, hair wax and hair mousse are 3 of the best hair products to have as they suit most hairstyles.

Hair straightener for Zyzz’s hairstyle

You need a high-quality hair straightener (aka flat iron) if you want to sport the Zyzz hairstyle or any other straight-hair-based hairstyles. High-quality flat irons will last long and will not burn your hair (or worse, electrocute you!). Buy the one below:

  • Hair straightener: buy it HERE for a great price!
  • Hair straightener: buy it HERE if in the UK for a great price

Blow dryer for Zyzz’s hairstyle

A blow dryer is a great tool to instantly dry your hair and add volume to your locks. The Zyzz hairstyle, being a pseudo Faux Hawk, relies on volume for its peculiar look, hence Aziz was all the time using the blow dryer as a hairstyling tool!

Heat-protecting hair product for Zyzz’s hairstyle

Heat protectants protect your hair from being fried by constantly using blow dryers and hair straighteners. Heat-protectants are indispensable products for men who like to use the aforementioned hairstyling tools. Buy yourself a heat-protecting product and ensure the long life of your hair. Remember, if you fry your hair, you won’t be able to sport the Zyzz hairstyle or any other hairstyle for that matter!

  • Heat protectant: buy it HERE for a great price!
  • Heat protectant: buy it HERE for a great price if in the UK!

Combs for Zyzz’s hairstyle

Not all combs are created equal; you need a comb that is thick, solid, tight (misc lingo in the house!). Last thing you need is your comb chipping when you’re in a rush as you’re late to a date with a babe. Ensure your playa goals for te year by getting a quality set of combs.

If you don’t have straight hair (e.g. curly hair), then you certainly need to straighten your hair with the recommended hair straightener. Furthermore, it is best that you stay within the lengths of 3 inches on the top and 2 inches on the back and sides (give or take one inch) as per the recommendations on the Zyzz haircut tutorial. All in all, follow this tutorial and get yourself the hairstyling products so as to have the Zyzz hairstyle become another excellent venue for your aesthetic hairstyling efforts, brah!

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