How to Use a Hair Straightener For Men – Tips

In my previous article on how to straighten your hair with a flat iron, I gave you some brief tips on using this hairstyling tool. However, today, I’d like to give you some more concise tips on how to use a hair straightener because you surely want to know how to not only precisely use but also optimally use a hair straightener (aka flat iron) to straighten your curly hair. Like I also explained in the aforementioned article, you can straighten straight hair itself as straightened hair regardless of hair texture can give the impression of the hair being in “layers”, so just bear that in mind as hair straighteners are very useful tools to widen your range of hairstyles whether you have straight hair, wavy hair, coiled hair or kinky hair.

A picture of a hair straightener for a how to use flat iron guideA hair straightener aka flat iron

Buy a ceramic-made hair straightener

While more expensive, this particular type of hair straightener (i.e. ceramic made) will pay off massively in the long term as it lasts much longer than non-ceramic-made hair straighteners. We recently reviewed this high-quality hair straightener, which you can buy here on Amazon.

Purchase a light-weight hair straightener

I know this is an issue for women, and it can be an issue for men too: your arm will get tired by having to hold the hair straightener during the time span that it takes you to straighten the hair. Thus, choose a light-weight hair straightener that is easy to maneuver with, such as the one recommended at the end of this article.

Use the lowest temperature in the hair straightener

Always try to use the lowest temperature you can get away with. Generally though, the curlier the hair is, the higher the temperature of the hair straightener will have to be to yield “straightened” hair. In any case, play around with the temperature and abide by the rule of using the lowest temperature possible.

Fully dry the hair before using the hair straightener

This is very important even though having your hair fully dried is not what you’d typically do if you wanted to style your hair without using a hair straightener. Like I explain in depth in The Curly Hair Book, you should have your hair damp when you want to style your hair normally; however, to use a hair straightener, you want to have your hair fully dried.

Use a heat protection serum prior to using the hair straightener

While this is not essentially needed, using a heat protection serum will minimize any damage exerted from the high heat of the hair straightener. Any time you use a hair straightener, you are creating some micro damage in the hair strands, which, given enough frequency of use (of the hair straightener), will permanently deteriorate your hair. Thus, invest in a good hair protection serum (they are not expensive) and rapidly coat your hair with it before straightening your hair. A good heat protection serum to purchase is this one on Amazon.

Make the straightening motion a smooth one

When you run the hair straightener from the base of the lock/s (i.e. close to the scalp) all the way to the tip/s, you should be applying a constant smooth motion that doesn’t have you pulling hard on the hair. Because the lock/s to be straightened will be clipped to the hair straightener, you must ensure that you do not pull too hard as you smoothly run the hair straightener through the clipped lock/s. Grab the hair lock/s by the tip/s with one hand so that you can keep the lock/s static as you use your other hand to run the hair straightener through the lock/s.

Have at least 4 inches of hair length to use a hair straightener

You can do shorter than 4 inches of hair length, but then ensure to have a hair clipper with the thinnest plates you can find. However, the problem with straightening short hair with a hair straightener is that there is a risk of burning your scalp if you make a mistake due to the very close proximity of the heated plates to your scalp. Have at least 4 inches of hair length in order to use a hair straightener and, if you have a shorter hair length, choose another suitable hairstyle.

Have in mind a hairstyle to use with the hair straightener

In order to maximize your time with the hair straightener, do already have in mind a hairstyle that you want to put your hair in. The Zyzz hairstyle and the Neymar Mohawk are 2 great hairstyles for straightened hair; otherwise, you can give yourself a messy look after straightening the hair. Hairstyling agents to use to style your hair include hair mousse and/or hair pomade.

Use a hair dryer before using the hair straightener

This tip is great for those men with curly hair. In this case, blow dry your hair as you simultaneously pass a wide-tooth comb softly through your hair locks to extend them. This method prepares the hair for its straightening with the hair straightener. Once you have blow dried the hair (for a 3-second count per hair segment/locks), coat the hair in a heat protection serum and proceed with the straightening of your locks.

Purchase the right hair products

This tip is, of course, essential if you want to make the most of your hair straightener. Thus, purchase the following products if you’re serious about straightening your hair and styling your mane in a myriad of creative ways:

That’s it folks. So long as you follow these tips on how to use a hair straightener for men, you will get those locks of yours looking great!

All the best.


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