How to Comb & Style Straight Hair

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How to Comb & Style Straight Hair

Out of all the hair types, straight hair is the easiest to comb and style. To comb straight hair, you can use a conventional comb, a pocket comb or a wide-tooth comb; I suggest that you avoid hair brushes as they can damage your hair if they’re not used carefully.

To comb and style straight hair, the hair can either be dry or damp; in fact, straight hair is the only hair type that can be successfully combed and styled dry. However, I recommend you to have your hair damp whenever you want to give yourself a good hairstyle or if it is the first time in the day that you are styling your hair in (e.g. after a morning shower).

Picture of Brad Pitt to illustrate how to style and comb straight hair for men

Brad Pitt is very well known for his hairstyles for straight hair

What is Combing?

The act of using a comb (conventional, pocket or wide toothed) to give direction to the hair and perform a hairstyle. Combing is normally done at the beginning stage of the styling process.

What is Styling?

The act of putting the hair into a style, whether using a comb, brush and/or fingers. The styling of hair also requires a previous step of drying the hair and it also requires the correct application of a hairstyling product and the optimal use of hair gadgets (e.g. hair dryer).

How to Comb & Style straight hair – The steps

  1. Dry your hair so that it is left damp.
  2. Look at your self in the mirror and imagine the hairstyle you have in mind and how it would look on your mane.
  3. Grab your hairstyling product, place some in your palms and then work your fingers through all of your hair with the goal of coating the hair with the hair product.
  4. As you coat your hair with the hairstyling product as per the previous point, make sure that you do not get any of the product on your scalp; the hairstyling product should coat 3/4 of the length of your hair, with the segment of the hair closest to the scalp (i.e. remaining 1/4) left without having the hairstyling product applied to.
  5. Once your hair is coated with the hairstyling product, grab a comb (whether conventional, pocket or wide-tooth).
  6. Work your way through your locks with the comb as you put your hair into the hairstyle.
  7. Once you are done with the comb, use your fingers to give the last retouches to the hairstyle; fingers are more versatile than combs to give the finishing look of a hair style.

Hairstyling products to Comb & Style straight hair

Hair wax, pomade, gel and hair mousse work great as hair styling products for straight hair. As I explain in my book, The Men’s Hair Book: A Male’s Guide To Hair Care, Hair Styles, Hair Grooming, Hair Products and Rocking It All Without The Baloney, the Curl Factor of straight hair is minimal which means that you are assured that your hair will look very similar once it dries as to how it looked when it was initially styled (i.e. damp). This is a great benefit of straight hair, for straight hair doesn’t coil back as it dries and has the more regular surface of all the hair types.

Brad Pitt with long straight hair style to shoulder length

Should you use a hair dryer to style your straight hair?

Yes and no. A hair dryer (aka blow dryer) is a great hairstyling tool for men, but its constant, chronic use can irreversibly damage your locks. Thus, I recommend you to only use a hair dryer occasionally (e.g. once or twice a week). Hair dryers are awesome to puff the hair up and create elaborate hairstyles, so you can use a hair dryer to style your hair in a myriad of cool hairstyles such as the Jim Morrison hairstyle or the Undercut hairstyle. Just don’t fully dry your hair with the hair dryer; leave some moisture (i.e. dampness) left!

Hairstyling products for straight hair

If you have straight hair you want to get yourself the following products:

How to Comb & Style Straight Hair – Conclusion

The actual process of combing and styling straight hair is not difficult at all. Just be careful about how you go about it and make sure that you coat your locks properly with your chosen hairstyling product. Now go out and rock that straight hair, dude!

All the best.

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