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Last updated on October 9th, 2018 at 04:46 pm

This is a hair tutorial covering the haircut needed for the hairstyle sported by the late internet sensation Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian aka Zyzz.

A quick intro about Zyzz as per Wikipedia. Zyzz rose to fame in 2009 after he posted videos and pictures of himself posing, dancing, partying and overall having fun in the city of Sydney. Despite Youtube and the Internet being full of kids doing precisely this, what made Zyzz different was the fact that he had a tanned, muscular body covered in tattoos and that he fully endorsed trolling others with a laid-back attitude. Zyzz led a crew known as the Aesthetic Crew, which featured several equally-buffed guys, including his brother Said Shavershian aka Chestbrah who was arrested for selling steroids. Together, the Aesthetic Crew would frequently hit several raves and parties with trance and techno themes, and they were known for their trolling antics and for living an aesthetic life that involved weight training to look aesthetic (muscular and ripped) and having a good time with women.

Unfortunately, Zyzz (born 24th March 1989 in Moscow) passed away in a sauna in Thailand on the 5th August 2011. The cause of his death is not fully know although it is claimed that he had a heart defect that put him at risk of sudden death. Zyzz’s death had a repercussion in Australia and many young men and women, both online and offline, mourned his death. RIP Aziz “Zyzz” Sergeyevich Shavershian.

Here’s a video of some of his antics; continue reading further down though to know how to cut your hair to get Zyzz’s hairstyle.

How to get a haircut for Zyzz’s hairstyle

Zyzz was not only known for his muscled-up body but also for his hairstyles. In this tutorial, I will show you how to get a haircut to sport Zyzz’s hairstyle. In general terms, Zyzz had a hairstyle that involved a Faux Hawk with the front parted to the right as well as layered sides and back.

This is the haircut needed for Zyzz’s hairstyle:

  1. Scissor trim the top of the head so that it is 3 inches in length evenly. If you don’t have this length, then grow your hair.
  2. Scissor trim the sides and back to 2 inches in length evenly. Again, grow if you don’t currently have this length.
  3. Make the length transition smooth from the top to the sides and back), otherwise you will get a mushroom effect.
  4. Keep the side burns cropped to a #1 up to mid-ear. The sideburns are actually “made” with the hair just below the temples

These Zyzz’s pictures of his hair and his hairstyle will help you visualize the look:

As said, Zyzz’s hairstyle involves a Faux Hawk with the front side-parted and with a shaggy element to it. The haircut for Zyzz’s hairstyle is fairly simple and you can even give yourself the haircut or have a friend do it. These are the recommended items that you will need to cut your hair so as to sport Zyzz’s hairstyle:

Scissors for Zyzz’s haircut

Any of these will be useful for any haircut you may want to do your hair in, including Zyzz’s hairstyle. These are high-quality barber scissors (aka “shears”) which will ensure that your hair trimming is convenient, fast and yields the best results. I highly recommend that you buy these as they’re cheap and they will allow you to get your hair on point and as desired!

  • Professional hair scissors: buy them HERE for a great price!
  • Professional hair scissors: buy them HERE if in the UK for a great price!

Hair clippers for Zyzz’s haircut

You will use the hair clipper to keep the small hairs of the nape neat and to keep the sideburns cropped as it is the hair higher than ear level that gives the visual appearance of having “aesthetic” sideburns!

Hair straighteners for Zyzz’s haircut

While hair straighteners are technically used for hairstyles, Zyzz would use hair straighteners all the time prior to getting a haircut. Hence, the best way to give yourself a haircut is by first straightening your hair so that you can then trim the hair and assure yourself of what the results will be. This is especially important for curly haired males who want to imitate the Zyzz hairstyle as their waves, coils and kinks will invariably coil back (i.e. Coil Factor as Rogelio talks in his book), disrupting the aesthetic flow of the hairstyle.

  • Hair straightener: buy it HERE for a great price!
  • Hair straightener: buy it HERE if in the UK for a great price!

Heat protectant for hair straightening

Because you need to straighten your hair for the Zyzz haircut and hairstyle, it is best that you use a heat-protecting product so as to not burn your hair. Get one of these three.

  • Heat protectant: buy it HERE for a great price!
  • Heat protectant: buy it HERE if in the UK for a great price!

I will talk about how to do¬†Zyzz’s hairstyle in the next article, so for now concentrate on trimming your hair to get the haircut needed for the Zyzz hairstyle!

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