How to do a Faux Hawk hairstyle with David Beckham

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How to do a Faux Hawk hairstyle with David Beckham

The Faux Hawk is a trendy men’s hairstyle that was popularized in the early 2000s by soccer superstar David Beckham. Also known as a Fohawk, the Faux Hawk is a hairstyle that is derived from a more unorthodox hairstyle, the Mohawk. While the Mohawk hairstyle allows for the displaying of a long-length crest sprouting from a shaved head, the Faux Hawk relies on having a short-length crest running from front to back on the top of a non-shaved head. Essentially, the goal of the Faux Hawk is to have a convenient and not-as-extreme form of the Mohawk hairstyle so that you can have your particular form of a crest without having to resort to scaring old ladies in the bus.

David Beckham with a Faux Hawk hairstyle for men

The word out is that David Beckham is a bit of a ladies’ man though he probably can learn a few things from moi

David Beckham’s Faux Hawk

As mentioned, David Beckham was the man who made the Faux Hawk a trendy hairstyle over a decade ago, with Cristiano Ronaldo following Beckham’s hairstyle-icon footsteps by popularizing the Faux Hawk among curly haired men. As a bit of trivia, both David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo are world-known soccer superstars and wore the hairstyle during their career in the English soccer team Manchester United. Incidentally, the Faux Hawk hairstyle is also known as a Hoxton fin in the London area, which, for those not familiarized with English soccer, is not the place where the team Manchester United stems from (dare you not say to a Manchester United supporter that his team is from London!).

How to do a Faux Hawk

The Faux Hawk is a great hairstyle for men with either straight or curly hair who like convenience and trendy looks. To get a Faux Hawk, you first need to ensure you have the right haircut and hair length for it: your hair should be a minimum half inch all around your head, with 2 inches in length being the maximum length for the hairstyle. The sides and back of your head can be a bit shorter than the hair on the top of your head, but stick to the hair length range of 1/2 inch to 2 inches regardless of the area of your head. You can use a fade haircut to approach the sides and back too, if you find a fade more stylish for your looks.

To do the actual Faux Hawk hairstyle, do as follows:

  1. Stand in front of the mirror, hair must be wet and not soaked (this means not dripping water, preferably after a shower and towel dried).
  2. Use any of this styling products: hair gel, wax, pomade or a styling cream. Apply it on your fingers.
  3. Use your fingers, coated in the product, to lift all of your hair up.
  4. Now flatten your hair except for the area consisting of a one inch in width crest running from the hairline to the vertex (back of head)
  5. The hair that you flatten can be styled to the front or sideways, play around with directions, although the hair must like flat and not lifted up!
  6. Now use your fingers to define the hair crest that has been left unflattened. Try to center the hair so that it looks like a triangle although you can define the crest lopsided too.
You should end up with a Faux Hawk looking something like this:

David Beckham with a Faux Hawk hairstyle

David Beckham certainly knows how to rock a Faux Hawk!

Hair products to do a Faux Hawk

To create an awesome Faux Hawk, you really only need a good hairstyle product, a good comb (if you don’t want to style with your fingers) and a hair dryer if you want to achieve a more natural Faux Hawk look. Get these products:

Do the Faux Hawk Like Beckham Conclusion

The time involved for doing a Faux Hawk is, at a maximum, three mere minutes; ergo, the Faux Hawk is convenient men’s hairstyle that will not eat into your morning time and is perfectly doable! You may not have David Beckham’s wallet but now, with the advice I give you on the Faux Hawk, you can at least have his hair!

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