Men’s Hair Products Guide: Hairstyling Tools and Accessories

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How to use hairstyling tools and accessories for men

This is the 5th and final tutorial for my men’s hair products guide; the goal of this overall guide is to offer you reference material on the different groups and types of men’s hair products so that you can buy your products optimally and know what each one of them does and does not. So far, I have covered 4 groups of men’s hair products with specific tutorials, and this tutorial you’re reading right now will be focused on the product group conforming hair styling tools and accessories.

Hairstyling tools and accessories serve to enhance the shape of your hair after you’ve applied your hairstyling product/s and/or styled your hair. Hairstyling tools and accessories are becoming more and more popular as men are realizing of their benefit when used correctly. In my second bestselling book, The Men’s Hair Book, I talk extensively about all the hairstyling tools and accessories, and it is with this tutorial that I want to offer you a reference to check anytime you want to buy any of these products so as to widen our hairstyling repertoire. As it goes with men’s hairstyles, considering all the tools available to make the most of your hair is fair game and you should be open to trying new hairstyling products; I guarantee you that by doing so your hair will improve!

These are the specific products found within the hairstyling tools and accessories group:

  • Hair dryer
  • Hair straighteners
  • Heat protectors
  • Hair clippers
  • Combs
  • Hair books
  • Hair bands
  • Headbands
  • Dorags
  • Sleeping caps

I will now go through each of the above products and offer you a good relevant choice that can be conveniently bought through Amazon (the page will open in a new window).

Hair dryer

Hair dryers are hairstyling tools that allow for the faster drying of one’s hair through the blowing of warm air onto the hair. Likewise, hair dryers are great for styling hair into peculiar forms as well as for enhancing the overall volume of one’s hair.

A hair dryer for men

Hair dryers should not be used daily; the maximum frequency of use for hair dryers is every other day (i.e. one day “on”, one day “off”, one day “on”, one day “off”, and so on). Ideally, a heat-protecting product should be applied prior to blow drying the hair.

Hair straightener

Hair straighteners allow for the straightening of hair in a convenient manner. Hair straighteners work by delivering heat to the hair strands so as to alter the hair strands’ structure. Hair straighteners are also known as flat irons or hair irons.

The straightening effect of hair straighteners is temporary; once you wet the hair again, the hair will go back to its natural hair type. Hair straighteners are not only great for straightening hair but also for creating layers on the hair, thus hair straighteners open a new door of hairstyles for a male.

A hair straightener for mens hair Hair straighteners suit all hair types and hair lengths although hair straighteners work their best on medium to long-length hair (i.e. hair that is longer than two inches in length). You should apply a heat-protecting product to your hair prior to using a hair straightener so as to minimize any damage to the hair inflicted by the high heat of the hair straightener.

Heat protector

Heat protectors (aka heat protectants) are products that are applied prior to using hair straighteners and hair dryers. Heat protectors minimize the damage inflicted by long-term heat exposure derived from the use of hair straighteners and hair dryers. For best results, you should be using a heat protector any time that you are going to straighten or blow-dry your hair.

Hair accessories for men

There are several types of hair accessories available for men; they include hair bands, headbands, dorags and sleeping caps.

  • Hair bands (aka scrunchies) are useful for tying medium-length to long-length hair.
  • Headbands for men are designed to be wrapped around the hair and pull the hair back so that it doesn’t interfere with one’s vision field. Headbands can also be used as a hairstyling accessory for medium to long hair.
  • Dorags are caps that are fitted around the head so as to protect the hair and to enhance one’s style. Dorags are especially useful for men with curly hair (i.e. wavy, coiled and kinky) who intend to either grow their hair or preserve their hairstyles. Bandanas are similar to dorags only tht the former are looser fitting.
  • Sleeping caps are fitted around the head for bedtime so as to protect the hair from the constant friction of the head against the pillow. The sleeping caps that we have to chosen to carry are both comfortable and of high-quality.

Hair bands to use for men


Combs are essential hairstyling tools for men as they allow for the effective shaping of most hairstyles. There are three types of combs available: regular combs, wide-tooth combs and hair picks.

  • Regular combs are a must-have for men with straight hair who seek the sweeping and shaping of their hair into different hairstyles. Regular combs should only be used by men with straight hair; men with wavy, coiled, curly or kinky hair should use a wide-tooth comb instead for the styling of their hair.
  • Wide-tooth combs have wide gaps between the comb’s teeth, which allows for the effective combing of all the types of curly hair (i.e. wavy, coiled and kinky). Wide-tooth combs also serve for detangling any matted or knotted hair.
  • A hair pick is a great hairstyling tool for kinky hair as it allow for the retouching of the kinks (most notably in the Afro hairstyle). A hair pick also helps tremendously in detangling kinky hair.

Hair clipper

Hair clippers allow for the buzzing of the hair very short. Typically, a hair clipper will allow for the buzzing (i.e. clipping) of the hair from a near-shaved length all the way up to half an inch.

Picture of a hair clipper for men

As a male, having a hair clipper at home will go a long way in opening a new door of hairstyles. Furthermore, being able to buzz one’s hair will also save one plenty of money from reducing the number of barbershop visits as mastering a hair clipper is easy.

Hair books

Of course, if you want to make good use of all the above hairstyling tools and accessories as well as of the rest of men’s hair products available, you must have a good foundation of hair knowledge. You should be reading sites like this one and my other popular site too, Manly Curls. On top of these 2 free reading resources for all about your hair, it’s in your interest to also have a one-single reading resource to be able to go back to and reference at anytime.

The front cover of the bestseller The Curly Hair Book

I have written 2 bestselling books on men’s hair so far; each is around 250 pages long, so that’s a lot of knowledge to be garnered! In my books, as I’ve done in my sites, I explain and detail everything you need to know so that you, for once and for all, get to have awesome-looking hair atop your head. My books are:

Men’s Hair Products Guide: Hairstyling Tools and Accessories

The conclusion to all of this is that you, as a male, have plenty of tools and accessories to use for your hair. I personally advocate for a “less is more attitude” when it comes to hair care (and most things in life, actually), but it is a reality that owning some of the referenced tools can go a long way in enhancing your hair. Having said this, it is only with the right use of these hairstyling tools and accessories and knowing what you’re doing with them that you’ll be able to get the most out of whichever ones you choose; otherwise, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll be doomed for failure. Ergo, my goal of providing you with all these tutorials for the men’s hair products guide so that you make sense of what can be of benefit to those locks of yours!

Any questions, let them know below in the comments section.

All the best, gentlemen.


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