Men’s Hair Products Guide: Hairstyling Tutorial

Last updated on October 25th, 2018 at 08:12 pm

Tutorial for men’s hairstyling products

I’ve decided to create a men’s hair product guide for you guys so as to aid you whenever you want to buy hair products and so that you can finally get to know what each of the available men’s hair products in the market are. My goal is to cover the different hair products in groups of similar products, dedicating an article (henceforth called tutorial) to each of the groups.

These are the groups of men’s hair products that I’ll be going through in the men’s hair product guide:

As said, each group will have a tutorial dedicated to it, and all of the tutorials will make the overall men’s hair product guide. In this tutorial, I’m going to be going through hairstyling products, which are those fancy products that you can buy to give shape (i.e. hairstyle) to your hair. I’m going to be keeping it short and to the point so that you can get the most out of this hairstyling product tutorial; if you want to know more about hair products for men, then I recommend you to read my second bestselling book, The Men’s Hair Book as I cover each product in great depth.

The hairstyling products most commonly available to men are:

  • Hair gel
  • Hair mousse
  • Hair wax
  • Pomade
  • Hair spray

I will also be putting some specific examples of each of the hairstyling products so that you can buy them on Amazon (opens in a new window). Not all the brands for each of the hairstyling products are good, and the ones referenced are ones that will work if you pick said hairstyling product.

A bottle of hair spray for the men's hair products guide and tutorial

Hair gel

Hair gels are excellent styling products to mold and give shape to your hair. Hair gels can be used with just about any hairstyle so as to customize the look of your hair.

Hair gels care categorized by “hold” (i.e. strength), and hair gels can come in three holds: light, firm and strong (strong also includes extra strong).

Light-hold hair gel

Indicated for hairstyles that do not require the hair to be secured tightly in place. Light-hold hair gels give some freedom of movement to the hair while defining the locks.

Light-hold hair gel is suitable for all hair types and hair lengths although it is the only type of hair gel recommended for long hair (i.e. hair longer than six inches).

Firm-hold hair gel

Provides a tighter grip on the hair than light-hold hair gel. Firm-hold hair gel defines the hair and is of special use for hairstyles that require some precise shaping. Firm-hold gel is especially useful for straight and wavy hair of short and medium length.

Strong-hold hair gel

Offers the strongest grip on the hair and is ideal for gravity-defying hairstyles and/or hairstyles that need very-precise shaping and molding.

Strong-hold hair gel is recommended for straight and wavy hair of short to medium length. Men with coiled, kinky and curly hair should preberably choose light-hold or firm-hold hair gel instead of strong-hold hair gel.

Hair mousse

Hair mousse is a hairstyling product that is dispensed as foam, thus creating a mousse-like texture prior to its application to the hair. Hair mousse is an excellent hairstyling product to define wavy, coiled, curly and kinky hair, and hair mousse also provides some holding of the hair in place so as to shape many men’s hairstyles.

All hair types an hair lengths benefit from hair mousse although all the curly hair types (wavy, coiled and kinky) as well as long hair benefit greatly from hair mousses. Hair mousse can also be used with hair spray to provide the ultimate “wet look” (apply the hair mousse first, then spray the hair).

Hair pomade

Hair pomade is an excellent hairstyling product to get sleek hair that is defined and shiny. Hair pomade suits hairstyles that either require slicking or that have the hair loose. Hair pomade will also define the hair and can give some good hold to the hair.

Hair pomade suits all hair types as well as short and medium length hair.

Hair wax

Hair wax provides ample hold and molding of the hair; hair wax is an excellent choice for men who look to shape their hair while defining it. Hair wax also provides gloss to the hair and will make it sleeker. Hair wax is great for gravity-defying hairstyles.

Hair wax is of most use for straight and wavy hair that is either short or of a medium length.

Styling cream

Styling creams are great at taming frizz and flyaway hairs while providing great definition to the hair. Styling creams are great to weight down the hair and thus have the hair hanging down at lengths in which it naturally doesn’t hang down.

Styling creams can be used on all hair types and hair lengths although styling creams are of the greatest use for curly hair (i.e. wavy, coiled and kinky hair) as well as for long hair.

Hair spray

Hair sprays provide the finishing touches to a hairstyle; hair sprays “lock” the hairstyle in that the hair spray will hold the hair in place tightly. Hair spray should be sprayed from about one foot away, and hair spray can be used after applying hair mousse to create a “wet look”.

Hair spray is useful for all hair types and hair lengths.

Men’s hair products guide – Hairstyling products tutorial

To recap again, these are the hairstyling products available to you for styling your hair:

  • Hair gel
  • Hair mousse
  • Hair wax
  • Pomade
  • Hair spray

I hope this hairstyling products tutorial is of use to you the next time you are going to be buying your hair products. I’ll be writing the other tutorials too so as to give you a wholesome men’s hair products guide, so stay tuned by signing up to our newsletter below and stay updated on our men’s hair leading site, the Men’s Hair Blog!

All the best.

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