Men’s Hair Products Guide: Hair Loss Tutorial

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Tutorial on hair loss products for men

This is a tutorial on men’s hair loss products, which is part of my overall men’s hair products guide. As you will have read in my hairstyling product tutorial, my goal is to put up a quick hair products guide for you folks to learn so that you can shop for the right hair products while weeding out the snake oil that abounds the hair care industry.

In this tutorial, I will be covering the main hair loss products that are available over the counter (i.e. OTC) for men. The hair loss products group is one of the 5 men’s hair products groups that I will be covering with tutorials. These are the 5 core men’s hair products groups:

  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Hairstyling products
  • Hairstyling tools and accessories
  • Hair loss products

And these are the hair loss products we men currently have available OTC:

  • Minoxidil preparations
  • Hair loss shampoos
  • Hair loss treatments (which will differ in the ingredients they contain)
  • Hair loss concealers

The main purpose of OTC hair loss products is to slow down the hair loss inflicted by male pattern baldness. In some cases, OTC hair loss products can regrow some of the hair that was lost, but do not expect miracles: male pattern baldness is quite a cruel scalp condition in which one’s hair follicles are choked to death according to one’s particular genetic makeup, and there is no cure for male pattern baldness as of 2013. They big daddy of the OTC hair loss products available in the market is minoxidil, which I will be covering below and which is proven to treat male pattern baldness successfully.

A box of Rogaine, which is a hair loss product for men known to treat male pattern baldness

Rogaine is a popular hair loss product for men that actually works as intended

There are other hair loss products for men apart from the OTC ones listed above, but such products either require a prescription or are only dispensed by a medical professional (i.e. dermatologist). In any case and whether you purchase OTC hair loss products or want to purchase prescription hair loss products, I recommend you to always visit a qualified dermatologist as hair loss in males can be caused by other factors that can be more serious than the negative cosmetic effect inflicted by the hair loss.

For each of the products that I cover and detail, I will also be recommending a particular branded product that can be purchased rapidly and conveniently on Amazon.

Minoxidil preparations

Minoxidil itself is an active ingredient that treats male pattern baldness by slowing down the loss of hair and even regrowing some in the vertex (i.e. crown or back of top of the head). Rogaine was the first over-the-counter formulation on the market that contained minoxidil as its anti-balding ingredient; these days, however, there are other minoxidil preparations on the market and many have a track record of treating male pattern baldness because having minoxidil in their formulae will certaily go a great length in treating male pattern baldness.

Minoxidil preparations work best on Norwood IV and lower Norwood stages.

Shampoos for hair loss

Several anti-balding ingredients can be delivered to the scalp via formulated shampoos for hair loss. Some of the key ingredients used by hair loss shampoos include ketoconazole, salicylic acid and zinc pyrithione; these same ingredients are used in anti dandruff shampoo preparations.

Hair loss shampoos can treat both male pattern baldness and generalized hair loss in men although do not expect miracles either’ the hair-loss benefit will be mild and will create synergies with other hair loss products you use concomitantly.

Shampoos for hair loss work best on Norwood III and lower Norwood stages.

Hair loss treatments

We currently have available several OTC hair-loss treatments that target male pattern baldness and generalized hair loss in men. These hair-loss treatments are delivered in several forms and offer a treatment alternative that is generally free of side effects. Just like with hair loss shampoos, hair loss treatments vary in their key active ingredients and there are some new ingredients being researches and coming out that can help manage male pattern baldness. Topical caffeine and tea tree oil are 2 examples of ingredients that can help in managing male pattern baldness and generalized hair loss (in both men and women).

Hair loss treatments can also include nutritional supplements to take, and, in my bestselling book, The Men’s Hair Book, I cover ll the different nutrients that are indispensable for having the most luscious locks possible.

Hair-loss treatments work best on Norwood IV and lower Norwood stages.

Hair loss concealers

Hair-loss concealers work by temporarily camouflaging any hair loss suffered. Hair-loss concealers add natural or synthetic fibers to the hair strands so as to reduce the visibility of the balding patches on the scalp and give the illusion of having thicker hair. There are some good brands in the market although the majority only work to empty your pockets. From the brands that work, there will be a slight variation in duration of concealing effects depending on each of the brand’s products as well as your general hair-care routine and lifestyle.

Hair-loss concealers work the best on Norwood IV and lower Norwood stages.

Men’s Hair Products Guide: Hair Loss Tutorial

Overall, we men have a good range of hair loss products available OTC. Over the years, I’ve found that the vast majority of men who came to me for advice on their hair loss or male pattern baldness had a big problem: they regarded hair loss products as magic products that would return their former lustrous locks.

Dude, hair loss products will help in managing your hair loss but they will not give you the hair you had in your teens; the better you face this reality the sooner you’ll stop wasting effort and money on magic potions. I must tell you, however, that hair loss products can help tremendously in extending the lifetime of the hair that you still have atop your head and you may also get some hair growing back, which will be lost as soon as you stop using the hair loss product that initially created the hair to regrow. Furthermore and as I detailed in great length in my bestselling book, The Men’s Hair Book, a great nutrition plan will create the best hair-loss-fighting synergies with your chosen hair loss product regimen, so aim to polish up your diet and nutritional supplement intake for best effects!

Any questions fellas, let them know below in the comments section.

All the best.


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