Hair Grooming Case Study at the Barbershop

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As part of bringing a holistic solution to you with my new book, The Men’s Hair Book: A Male’s Guide To Hair Care, Hair Styles, Hair Grooming, Hair Products and Rocking It All Without The Baloney, I have covered many real-life scenarios that have occurred at Anthony’s barbershop over the years and that I have constructed as case studies in the book to relate to the content of The Men’s Hair Book. Ergo, with my book, not only are you getting the hair-management system itself (which I term the hair-management equation) but you are also getting the real-life application of everything you learn in every chapter!

Really, you could not get a better bang or your buck in terms of knowing all about your hair; I’ve written the 228 pages that make up The Men’s Hair Book so as to provide you your one-and-only solution to own exactly that: great-looking, convenient hair.

The book cover for The Men's Hair Book, formerly The Men's Hair Guide

Below these lines is a case study that occurred at Anthony’s barbershop and that I use in The Men’s Hair Book description to illustrate the specificity of the hair-management equation as a system and how it is imperative to follow a set guidelines to make the most of your hair as a modern males who wants to avoid Sex-in-the-City-like diva stuff:

Barbershop hair-grooming case study

Gregor was a 28-year-old male with wavy hair who had decided, upon Anthony’s encouragement, to stop getting his every-2-week #2 buzz cut and was keen to grow his hair one inch in length. Gregor showed no signs of male pattern baldness and had great hair density, which meant that gravity-defying hairstyles would suit him much; thus, Gregor had decided to get to his desired length (one inch on the top of the head) so as to sport a neat Faux Hawk.

The issue with Gregor was that it had been many years since he had had his hair longer than his usual #2 buzz cut, so Gregor could not remember how his hair used to respond to grooming at longer lengths. Anticipating the chaos that would ensue if Gregor didn’t start optimizing his hair-management equation as soon as possible, Anthony then decided to walk Gregor through a crash course in managing his (Gregor’s) hair during Gregor’s visit to Anthony’s barbershop.

Because this particular case study occurred when Anthony and I were still honing the hair-management equation as a system, I was actively involved in advising Gregor about managing his hair. Anthony and I agreed with Gregor to meet up at the barbershop on a Wednesday and get Gregor on the great-looking-hair bandwagon. We rapidly covered the hair-care aspect for him, which was summarized in using a deep conditioner once every two weeks for the next eight weeks and also changing his pillow cases to satin fabric. Because Gregor was a complete newbie to the hair-management equation, it wasn’t the time then to have his hair-care strategy being too complex; what truly mattered was Gregor’s daily interacting with his hair (i.e. his hair grooming), for he was going to start grooming his hair seriously the day after our meet.

As you will learn in The Men’s Hair Book, shampooing frequency is central to one’s hair-grooming routine; thus, Anthony and I instructed Gregor on my No Shampoo method, a method that calls for shampooing every X amount of days based on several factors. Gregor was to use an established 9-Minute Perfect Mane (9MPM) routine without modifying the actions that we laid down for both his shampooing and non-shampooing days. Gregor was to continue with the 9MPM routine until he found out his shampooing frequency, which he would report back to us when he did successfully find it out. Until then though, Gregor was to continue coming to Anthony’s barbershop as he (Gregor) desired, which for him was every 2 weeks to only get the sides and back trimmed while the hair on the top of his head continued to grow longer so as to reach the one inch in length that he wanted to have.

Six weeks after our initial meet (on a Friday), Gregor announced that he had found out his shampooing frequency, and he made the announcement with a massive grin on his face. Why? Because his hair was looking ever so much better, to the point that he had started to get women asking him for hair tips. Indeed, when I went to see Gregor at Anthony’s barbershop, Gregor’s hair was totally revamped; his hair had responded even better than I had anticipated! Gregor had found out his optimal shampooing frequency by the 6-week mark, and the results were highly visible and aesthetic. Gregor was now ready to customize his hair-grooming routine, and Anthony and I spent some more time with him that Friday going through the next steps and actions to implement so as to continue to improve the looks of his hair and optimize his hair-management equation. Needless to say, the three of us went out together that night and the drinks were on Gregor…

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