Growing Hair Long: 5 Essential Tips for Men

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Growing Hair Long: 5 Essential Tips for Men

Growing hair long is a task on its own which should not be approached with a carefree attitude. Time and time again I see men who have decided to grow their hair yet walk around with what looks like a cross between a dead rat and a pile of hay. Not only will an improperly looked after long mane make you look like “that weird guy” but it will also shoot down your potential attractiveness when it comes to women and it will instil a scruffy image that can do a lot of damage to your social and professional life.

If you want to be a new age Fabio, however, I have good news for you. If you learn to take care of your mane, you will immediately differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd, a move which will pay great dividends in your life. Women love men who are different (albeit the good different, not the aforementioned “weird” different) and acquaintances love to hang around with guys who break the molds of established notions. Moreover, long manes in men are very 2012 and for the last few years have gained acceptance among professional and social settings so rest assured that growing your hair can be a great way to enhance your image.


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While long hair in men is associated with rock stars, long hair is becoming more popular among all types of urban men

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On average, hair grows about half an inch per month which means that you should be expecting at least a year to have your mane reaching shoulder length. Thus, the journey is long and what follows are 5 essential tips for men to grow hair long which will instantly optimize your mane growing efforts and have women desiring to run their fingers through your long locks when playing doctor and nurse:

1)      Learn to use a conditioner

The longer the hair, the more it will be predisposed to becoming dry, and dryness is what kills long hair. If you want to avoid the “dead rat” effect on your head, use a conditioner at least 3 times per week after you shampoo. Don’t go crazy, two fingers tips of conditioner spread across all your hair will suffice. You must, however, experiment with frequency of conditioner use as your hair grows, especially if your hair is not straight (e.g. curly). The purpose of the conditioner is to moisturize the hair strands thus this hair product will be your number one tool to fight dryness.

2)      Don’t artificially treat your hair

Do not dye, straighten or curl your hair. Leave it as it is. Artificially treating your hair will negatively impact its texture and composition, and it will predispose it more to becoming dry. In any case, dying your hair with blue patches is OK if you are 13, not 30, so get on with the program.

3)      Thou shalt learn to unknot your hair

I know it sounds girly but women have it right when it comes to having a good looking head. When you shower and use your conditioner, run your fingers smoothly through the hair strands and softly unknot any knots or matting that you may encounter. Hair knotting is something you will have to live with and which some people are more predisposed to having than others. As a rule of thumb, curly hair knots easier than straight hair and dry hair will knot much faster than moisturized hair.

4)      Start tying that mane

Whenever you are done for the day with having your long hair out (i.e. loose), tie it into a ponytail. When hair is loose it will have a tendency to mat and knot, especially if it is not moisturized properly thus tying your hair will help avoid any potential knotting/matting issues. Situations in which you should be tying your hair include when sleeping, when supporting your head against a surface (e.g. driving seat) or when it is windy. Oh, and maybe when getting jiggy with your girl although, in my experience, I have found women to prefer my long curly hair to be worn loose when getting intimate!

5)      Find inspiration

Growing hair long is, precisely, a long journey and you will find obstacles on your way. On top of that, growing hair long as men is not for everyone so ask yourself if you really want to do this.

You will need to keep motivated and headstrong through the good and the bad. Find someone whose hair inspires you; there are quite a few male celebrities with great long manes and you will be able to find inspiration with at least one. See yourself with the inspiring mane, see yourself having your hair bangs gracing your face, see yourself with the woman of your dreams caressing your mane as you are resting after a session of wild sex. There will be times when you will think why you are doing this so going back to your inspiration and picturing the destination which you are going towards will rapidly remove those negative thoughts from your mind.


So there, a long mane is something that will, excuse the pun, grow on you. It will become part of your identity and will show you a new meaning to the term “individuality”. However, many men make the mistake of addressing the growing of their hair with a carefree approach which completely obliterates the benefits of being oneself and exuding confidence with one’s hair. Start applying these tips today if you want to grow your hair long as a male and join the ranks of those men with proud great looking long manes!

All the best.


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