Grow Long Curly Hair – A Super Tip!

Having grown my curly hair super long a couple of times throughout my lifetime, I have come to realize that there’s one important thing you must do when attempting to grow your curly hair long; it is a tip, so to speak, that will break or make your journey to long hair. It really is that much of a super tip.

As I’ve developed thoroughly in my Amazon bestselling book, The Curly Hair Book, there are 2 hair textures available: non-curly (i.e. straight) and curly (i.e. wavy, coiled and kinky). When I talk about curly hair in this article, I’m referring to wavy hair, coiled hair (curly hair forming ringlets) and kinky hair (aka afro textured hair). Thus, time and time again I have seen curly men with all curly hair types fail at growing their curly manes long due to a simple yet essential minutia that surrounds curly hair, and that is to always keep an even shape all around the scalp as you grow your curly hair.

A male with long curly hair that is growing

Yours truly with long curly hair that wasn’t shampooed for 30 days as part of one of my hair experiments

Long Curly Hair Super Tip: Start from an even haircut and do not trim the curls any further!

This ladies and gentlemen, is the deal breaker. Failure to start your long hair growing journey with an even-length haircut will mean that you will have to suffer from the claws of puffy awkward hair for years at a time as you get closer to achieving your goal of long hair (at least a year depending on your curl type and starting hair length).

You see, curly hair (from wavy to kinky) will puff out in different degrees until it hits a long-enough length in which the hair can finally hang down. In The Curly Hair Book, I break down the approximate length for which each curl type will start to hang down, but, needless to say, you’re looking at a minimum of 1 year having puffy waves, coils or kinks as you grow your curly hair long.

Now, having an uneven haircut will magnify the awkwardness of the puffy curly hair A LOT; and, by A LOT, I mean orders-of-magnitude lot. Most typically, curly men buzz/clip their sides and back as they grow the hair on top of their head when they attempt to grow their curly hair long; I know this because I have made this mistake twice during 2 of my numerous bouts of growing my coils and kinks long (mind you, I made one of those mistakes on purpose as I had to keep my hair neat and trimmed on the back and sides due to my corporate job position).

From my experience with my hair and the hair of others, if you have curly hair and want to grow it long, the length difference between the shortest hairs and the longest hairs in your scalp should be a maximum of 2 inches of extended length! Go back to the profiling chapter of The Curly Hair Book (“Chapter 2: Curly Hair 101: Know Your Waves, Coils or Kinks”) to double check that you have learnt what extended length is; if you don’t know what it is, it, in a nutshell, extended length is the measurement taken when your curly hair is flattened.

Grow Long Curly Hair – Dos

  • Get a haircut that has your mane at an even length all across the scalp.
  • Avoid getting any trims or further haircuts until you reach your desired long length.
  • Only part of scalp that you’re allowed to keep at more than 2 inches of length difference are the sideburns (up to the top-of-the-ear level).
  • Keep your curly hair moisturized and utilize the optimal hair care strategy that you’ve learnt in The Curly Hair Book.
  • Get a hairdresser/barber who knows how to cut curly hair properly and has experience cutting the curly hair texture.

Grow Long Curly Hair – Don’ts

Never start growing your curly hair from an uneven haircut – remember the 2-inch rule between the shortest hair (typically on the back and sides of the head) and longest hair (typically on top of the head).

  • Do not trim your hair as it grows, unless you’ve damaged the tips (only then can you make any sort of trimming to your hair).
  • Do not be fixated on how someone’s curly hair looks in himself (e.g. do not obsess about a male celebrity’s long curly hair and how good it looks). Curly hair is much more expressive than straight hair thus it is very difficult to predict how your particular curly hair type will look once it reaches your desired final length.
  • Do not go to a hairdresser or barber to give you an even-length haircut without first researching him/her fully and knowing if he/she has experience with curly hair.

Grow Long Curly Hair – A Super Tip!

There, that was the tip with its series of mini-tips too. The take-home message is to ALWAYS start the growing of your curly hair from an even hair length all around your head and across your scalp. If your hair has several lengths to it, then go to the hairdresser and get the lengths evened out because you’re going to spend at least a year with hair that will resist hanging down and will only look good by retaining its uniform shape all around.

All the best, curly brothers!

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  1. Joe
    May 30, 2014 at 4:30 am

    Hi, I’m 6 months in of growing my type 2 curls, but it’s not even, I started with about an inch on top and a about half an inch from the ears down, will that affect me too much?

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