Gerard Pique New Hairstyle and Haircut, the Buzz Cut!

Last updated on May 7th, 2013 at 12:51 am

Gerard Pique chooses the Buzz Cut as the haircut for his new hairstyle

I left the TV on to watch FC Bayern Munich versus FC Barcelona (awesome match, by the way), and I spotted Gerard Pique with his new hair buzzed in a Buzz Cut! In fact, Pique’s hair was clipped to a #0, which is known as an induction cut or a Burr Cut; these two types of haircuts are part of the Buzz Cut spectrum, and the Buzz Cut is something I talk metaphorically of in my book The Men’s Hair Book (which I recommend you to have a look if you wanna improve your hair).

Pictures of Gerard Pique new haircut and hair

As you will see in the pictures below, Gerard Pique can look like he shaved his hair; this is especially so when seen from afar. However, Gerard Pique used a hair clipper with no guard to cut/clip his new hair to a #0. Here are some close pictures of Gerard Pique with his new hairstyle and Buzz Cut, showing that Pique did indeed use a hair clipper to buzz his hair:

Gerard Pique with his new hair clipped to a buzz cut and not shaved against Bayern Munich

Gerard Pique clipped his hair to have a new hairstyle as a buzz cut or burr cut; the hair is not shaved.

Gerard Pique with his new haircut which was a buzz cut done with a hair clipped and not shaved.

Gerard Pique with his new haircut (i.e. Buzz Cut) now looks like his teammate Victor Valdes, which is the player behind him on the 3rd picture above and who likes to sport his hair in a Burr Cut. It is rumoured that Pique clipped his hair and kept his beard to look like Josep Guardiola, the former FC Barcelona coach who will be coaching Bayern Munich next season. Remember that FC Barcelona was playing today against Bayern Munich and it was today, prior to the match, that Gerard Pique buzzed his hair with a hair clipper to resemble Josep Guardiola, which is rumoured to be a tongue-in-cheek slap at Bayern Munich’s new coach for the next season. Gerard Pique and Josep Guardiola have always been good friends ever since Guardiola started training FC barcelona in the late 2000s; likewise, Gerard Pique is known for being a bit of a clown and a joker.

This is Josep Guardiola with his near shaved hair sported in a Buzz Cut like Gerard Pique’s new hair:

Josep Guardiola with a buzz cut resembling Gerard Pique

What do you need to imitate Gerard Pique’s new haircut/hairstyle?

All you need is a high-quality hair clipper. The haircut itself is very easy, for it is a #0 all around the head with the hair clipper. Do not clip a guard to the hair clipper and proceed to buzz all of your hair to resemble Pique’s new hair. This sort of Buzz Cut is extremely easy and convenient to do; you can do it in your own home if you have a good hair clipper. For a high-quality hair clipper, either get this one on Amazon for excellent quality or get this one on Amazon for excellent value for money.

Will Gerard Pique grow his new hair or keep it in a buzz cut?

Gerard Pique has always sported an Ivy League haircut, which is why people were surprised to see Pique going into FC Bayern Munich’s home stadium, the Allianz Arena, with his hair buzzed/clipped into a Buzz Cut. Gerard Pique will, quite likely, grow his new hair into his usual Ivy League hairstyle, so we’ll keep an eye on the guy and see how Pique fares with his hair!

All the best.

Image credit: Pep Morata

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2 comments for “Gerard Pique New Hairstyle and Haircut, the Buzz Cut!

  1. Jack
    May 9, 2013 at 9:37 pm

    How do I get my hair like piqué had it at the euros

    • May 11, 2013 at 12:10 am

      Hi Jack,

      You need to have straight hair and 1 inch of length. Get a haircut that has a tapered length on the top so that you have half an inch at the crown and 1 inch on the front. To style, use hair mouse and your fingers to style the hair at the crown to the front and then lift the hair up at the front. Tousle the hair at the front as per your like.

      Hope that helped.

      All the best.

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