Frizzy Hair Men: Tips and Tricks for Epic Hair

Last updated on August 7th, 2018 at 03:49 pm

Men With Frizzy Hair, Read Below and Never Again Have Tumbleweed for a Mane

Frizz. You just have to live with it if you are a dude. In fact, not knowing how to deal with frizz is one of the culprits as to why many men don’t see their manes as assets and would rather tame them and forget about them. Here at Men’s Hair Blog (as well as over at my other blog,, I want you to once and for all learn how to sport a superb mane of locks, from straight tresses to curvy curls, so read ahead for my top 5 frizz fighting tips for men that will enhance your mane immediately and get the stuff atop your head rocking as if it were the seventies!

Cut down on shampoo frequency

I have written a popular in-depth article about cutting down shampoo frequency for frizz-free hair, which is a method that I created and which is known as the No Shampoo method. Hell, I have even gone 30 days without using shampoo only to show you guys that my hair looked even better! Shampoos strip away the natural oil that your scalp secretes and, by stripping away this natural endogenous oil, your hair becomes frizzy.

To battle frizz via decreasing your shampoo use, start with skipping a shampoo day every 3 days and feel free to go down to once a week. Trust me, you hair will not smell bad or look gross if you stop shampooing every day: water and even using small amounts of conditioner is enough to optimally clean your hair. With regards to a timescale to notice results, your hair will look better after four weeks of cutting down your shampoo frequency.

I have also detailed the whole No Shampoo method together with different daily routines in my bestselling book, The Men’s Hair Book (click link for more). Despite I make an effort to write epic hair care and hair styling content for guys here at Men’s Hair Blog, you will find absolutely everything (and more) in The Men’s Hair Book, so it’s definitively worth owning a copy of it.

A bottle of shampoo for frizzy hair menKeep your curly hair moisturized

Start using a leave-in conditioner after showering and drying your hair. Leave-in conditioners help seal in the water used to shower as well as the moisture from the environment, so apply the lave-in conditioner while your locks are damp (i.e. right after drying your hair; though remember that you should not dry your hair fully with a towel!).

Use a leave-in on the days that you use shampoo and the days that you don’t too. Your leave-in conditioner should become a daily thing to fight frizz.

A curly man with no frizz

Use lukewarm water to shower

Mild warm water is ideal for your hair when showering, not too hot nor too cold. Very hot water can damage your hair (any excessive heat damages hair) and cold water is too annoying to use to groom your mane in the shower. Lukewarm water allows for smoothly running your fingers through your curls. I have found the greatest benefit in fighting frizz when using lukewarm water and I have very-tight frizzy curly hair!

Don’t rely solely on gels

Many hair gels and hair styling products like hair pomades and styling waxes are chocked with crap that will dry your hair out once it wears off your hair. Mix up your routine and some days use gel, others use only a leave-in conditioner and others go solo. I have experimented with many hair products and find that mixing them up is the best way to go about managing frizz.

Throw away your brush

Using a brush to comb your hair is the perfect way to get frizzy hair. Hair brushes strip away the natural scalp oil, damage the hair and scalp, and deform the curl pattern and shape in the case of curly hair. If you want to style your hair, use a regular comb if you have straight hair or use a wide tooth comb if you have curly hair. Alternatively, you can also use your fingers for styling your mane; your fingers are the least of all styling options that will cause frizzy hair, so, if you’re prone to frizzy hair, then only use your fingers.

A wide tooth comb to fight frizzy hair for men

I am surprised at how hair brushes are so popular especially among curly women and long hair women and men. Most hair brushes are the worst thing for fighting frizz, yet curly women and long hair women fall in the trap of using products and gadgets which have more of a mythical foundation going for them than any real-world science behind them. As a matter of fact, for those of your curly guys, a hair brush will damage your curls ipso-facto (doesn’t matter if you are a curly man or woman), and your curly mane will turn into a huge ball of tumbleweed with a dead-rat inside.

Conclusion for tips to fight frizzy hair as men

Follow these 5 tips to fight frizzy hair as a dude and you will very soon be joining the ranks of those epic-mane dudes who walk about their life with headturning manes!

All the best.


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  1. sam
    August 2, 2018 at 9:45 am

    What if my hair is dead? Like I’m fairly certain that I am slowly balding. The hair near the crown of my head is thick, luscious and cooperative. The hair in my bangs however, is frizzy, thin, brittle, and I’m seeing little horse shoes form on either side of my hairline. I follow all of these tips you’ve provided. I use leave in conditioner, I use shampoo hardly ever, my showers aren’t too hot, etc. I’ve used products that have biotin in it to help bring life back to my hair, but literally nothing works. Help! I’ve been fighting frizzy hair since high school, but only in the last year has my hair line begun to recede, and it’s just about certain death for my hair.

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