The Flat Top Hairstyle – Haircut & Styling It

The Flat Top Hairstyle – Haircut & Styling It

The Flat Top is a men’s hairstyle that is most associated with the military and with Guile of the video game Street Fighter. The Flat Top hairstyle aims to create a flat surface with the hair on top of the head while the rest of the hair is cropped short.

Flat Top hairstyle illustration with Guile of the Street Fighter video game

Hair length category


Suitable hair type

Straight hair

Haircut for the Flat Top

The haircut for the Flat Top hairstyle is similar to that of the Top Fade, only that, in the Flat Top, the transition between the sides/back and the top is not as smooth. In the Flat Top, the sides and back are cropped in a taper; the hair on the top of the head is left at 1-2 inches and it is trimmed in a way so that, when the hair is lifted up, the hair forms a flat deck (i.e. the hair forms an even surface). Because of the different skull shapes that men can have, the hair on top of the head may be trimmed at slightly different lengths across the top so as to keep the flat surface when the hair stands up. Furthermore, the blending of the sides/back with the top in the Flat Top can be contoured so as to give a more rounded look to the flat surface.

Haircut difficulty

4 out of 5

Styling the Flat Top

The only hair to be styled in the Flat Top hairstyle is that on the top of the head; the hair should be lifted up, paying attention to the sides bordering the top of the head to ensure the hair follows the same upwards direction; otherwise, the shape of the hairstyle may be disrupted. When seen from the front, the Flat Top will give a squarish look due to the hair being styled upward and due to the drastic transition between the hair on the sides/back and top.

The longer the hair is on the top, the more hairstyling product you will have to use to keep the hair standing up. Straight hair has a tendency to start handing down at the 4-inch length mark, and some good hairstyling products to use for the Flat Top include hair wax and hair gel plus hair spray (apply the gel first, then spray). Ideally, use a comb to lift the hair up, then use your fingers for any retouching.

The Flat Top hairstyle as sported by fighter Brock Lesnar

Fighter Brock Lesnar with a Flat Top hairstyle

Styling difficulty

3 out of 5

Who sports the Flat Top hairstyle?

American fighter Brock Lesnar has sported the Flat Top hairstyle throughout much of his fighting career.

Brock Lesnar with a Flat Top hairstyle and haircut

Recommended Hair Products for the Flat Top hairstyle

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Now go and rock that Flat Top like a boss!

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