Euro 2012 – Violence and Hooligans Already?

I really can’t believe my eyes.

As the Euro 2012 started this past Friday 8th June with the Russian soccer team beating the Czech Republic 4-1, the match ended with some Russian hooligans creating chaos in the city of Wroclaw (Poland), where the aforementioned match was played. The footage above shows one incident which was part of the chaos created in Wroclaw: some hooligans punched and knocked down several stewards. In soccer games, the role of stewards, for those who don’t know, is to ensure that supporters of each team are safe and that no violence occurs but in this instance, they (stewards) were the own receivers of violence.

I actually tweeted the footage as soon as it was posted on Youtube though several versions of this footage have been taken down from Youtube already. The Euro 2012 is being hosted in Poland and Ukraine in a joint partnership and both countries are known for the extreme violence that occurs in their national soccer stadiums where supporters of different teams clash. This has been a big worry for UEFA officials which is why they have been asking Yotube to remove the violent footage depicting precisely what they so much fear and don’t want the public to know has occurred.


Hooligans and violence at a soccer match in Europe

Credit: Wikipedia


Thing is, that same say on the 8th June and after the Russia – Czech Republic match, there were more violent incidents involving Russian supporters, this time in the Ukranian city of Lviv. Ukraine is a country which was under Soviet command and I know for a fact that Ukranians are not very fond of Russians as a whole.

Other violent incidents related to the Euro 2012 have been registered, this time between Danish and Dutch supporters following the match Holland vs. Denmark played the next day on 9th June and which ended with a 0-1 win for Denmark. So far, we are only a couple of days into the Euro 2012 and things don’t look too good in terms of avoiding violence in soccer.

In case you weren’t aware, there has been some controversy with not only the endemic violence in soccer games in both Poland and Ukraine but also the racism which is ingrained in many of these extreme team supporters, to the point that countries such as the United Kingdom and France have urged their non-white nationals to not travel to the Euro 2012 for fear of being involved in racist clashes.

I don’t mind if these extreme hooligans take their violence to a deserted camp and fight each other and hopefully kill each other too. What I do mind and see as wrong, repugnant completely unfair is to use violence on those who have nothing to do with you nor have done anything to you.

Violence is one of those things that needs to go in the 21st century and unfortunately we still have a long way to go.

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