Long Curly Hair Rocks! Wet vs. Dry

Last updated on August 1st, 2018 at 11:04 am

Some months ago I decided to document how my curly hair dried on its own and thus show our fellow curly haired men that their drying dramas were something that we all share!

All curly men know that their hair will look different from the look it had after showering and styling. It is a commonality among all curly folks and I call this the Damp vs. Dry effect and it is most apparent the tighter your curls are. Say, if you have kinky-afro textured hair, you hair will shrink to about half or more the size it had when it was soaked in water. The trick is managing the Damp vs. Dry effect!

Check out in the video the difference made in hair length and volume after 3 hours of merely air drying my curls; they coiled to about 2/3 of the initial length and gained some crazy volume!

How about you, curly haired men: how do you manage the drying of your curls?

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