And our King of Manes of the Euro 2012 is…


Xabi Alonso with his cool hair in an Ivy League hairstyle for the Euro 2012


As voted in our list of coolest hairstyles of the Euro 2012, Spanish Xabi Alonso has been voted by our readers to be have the coolest hairstyle of the Euro 2012! Sporting a classic Ivy League hairstyle, the 28 year old Real Madrid player combines it with an epic beard and, as our readers have put it, looks epic on the field as he does off the field. I will cover more about Xabi Alonso in a future specific article but, for now, we are proud to crown him as our “King of Manes” of the Euro 2012!

For the record, this is how the voting went (one vote per commenter):

  1. Alonso 8
  2. Veloso 3
  3. Doyle 2
  4. Balotelli 2
  5. Modric 2
  6. Gomez 1
  7. Pirlo 1
  8. Fabregas 1
  9. Ramos 1

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