Men’s Hair Products Guide: Conditioners Tutorial

Last updated on October 7th, 2018 at 09:42 pm

Tutorial on hair conditioners for men

This is a tutorial on hair conditioners for men, which is part of my overall guide on men’s hair products. The goal of this tutorial and guide is to give you some reliable pointers for each of the product groups and specific hair products that are available for men. So far I’ve covered 3 men’s hair product groups, and the fourth group will be conditioner.

Conditioners provide the hair with gloss and allow for the hair’s easier manageability. Likewise, conditioners optimize the moisture levels of the hair strands, which, together with the enhanced gloss and manageability of the hair, make conditioners an indispensable tool to have in order to own the best-looking hair possible.

A bottle of hair conditioner for men

There are three types of conditioners: normal conditioners, leave-in conditioners and deep conditioners. Furthermore, there is another type of product that serves to improve the hair and that is hair-repairing creams and lotions. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be putting hair-repairing creams and lotions in this tutorial under the group of conditioners.

Normal conditioner

Normal conditioners are applied and left on the hair for one to three minutes after rinsing the shampoo from your hair; once the one to three minutes are over (specific time will vary among brands), you then rinse the conditioner from the hair. Normal conditioners are a must have for men with curly hair and men with medium-length hair or long hair.

Normal conditioners can go under other names such as daily conditioner, rinse-out conditioner or simply be called conditioner.

Leave-in conditioner

Leave-in conditioners offer the same features as normal conditioners (i.e. glossy, moistured and easier-to-manage hair) although the main difference between the two is that leave-in conditioners are left on the hair and not rinsed. Leave in conditioners are particularly useful for men with wavy hair, coiled/curly hair and kinky hair, and leave-in conditioners can be used as de facto hairstyling products too. If you are not keen in using normal conditioners, you can always use a leave-in conditioner instead.

Deep conditioner

Deep conditioners provide an extra hair-conditioning oomph to your hair that neither normal conditioners nor leave-in conditioners can provide.
Deep conditioners are to be left longer than normal conditioners on the hair and, because of its conditioning power, deep conditioners are recommended in cases of dry hair or lightly-damaged hair. Deep conditioners can be used once or twice per month.

Hair-repairing creams and lotions

Hair-repairing creams and lotions are products that aim to improve the texture and look of damaged hair. Hair-repairing creams and lotions are indicated in the case of badly-managed hair or when hair has been straightened or blow-dried too frequently.

Hair-repairing creams and lotions can also come in other formats such as ointments or liquids although their key attribute is the same: to improve damaged hair.

Men’s Hair Products Guide: Conditioners Tutorial

Conditioners are excellent hair products to have, and, since there is a variety of them, you can always pick one that suits your case better. I recommend you to use either a normal conditioner or leave-in conditioner as your de facto daily conditioner weapon, and then throw in a deep conditioner or hair-repairing cream/lotion as you see fit. And remember, every time you shampoo your hair, you must use a conditioner!

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