Caesar Cut Hairstyle – How to Style & Haircut

The Caesar Cut is a hairstyle associated with ancient Rome and Julius Caesar (from whom the name of the hairstyle is derived). This hairstyle creates a short vertical fringe from styling the hair forward. The Caesar Cut hairstyle is an excellent styling choice for balding men who are a Norwood III or below, and Julius Caesar himself used this hairstyle to conceal his balding whenever he was in public.

Bust of Julius Caesar illustrating the Caesar Cut hairstyle

Hair length category


Suitable hair type

Straight hair, wavy hair

Haircut for the Caesar Cut Hairstyle

The Caesar Cut hairstyle involves having your scalp trimmed to an even length (0.5-1 inches); that means that the sides/back are at the same length as the top, thus the even hair length all around the head. Alternatively, the sides and back are tapered either with scissors or with a hair clipper to a #4.

Haircut difficulty

3 out of 5

How to style the Caesar Cut hairstyle

Style the hair on the top of your head in a forward direction, starting from the crown area and ending at the forehead’s hairline as you leave a short vertical fringe laying on the forehead. Use a wide-tooth comb (if hair is wavy curly) or a conventional comb (if hair is straight) to style the hair forward, and then use your fingers to further style the short fringe.

There’s no need to use a hair dryer and good hairstyling products for the Caesar Cut include hair gel, pomade and mousse.

Marlon Brando sporting a Caesar Cut hairstyle for a Julius movie

Styling difficulty

2 out of 5

Which male celebrity has sported a cool Caesar Cut hairstyle

An awesome-mane example of the Caesar Cut is that of George Clooney in the 1996 movie From Dusk Till Dawn.

Goerge Clooney with a Caesar Cut hairstyle and haircut

George Clooney starring in a movie with a Caesar Cut hairstyle

Men’s hair products for the Caesar Cut hairstyle

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The Caesar Cut hairstyle is one of the men’s hairstyles that is not very popular for some reason, despite this hairstyle suits just about all males with straight hair and wavy hair. Furthermore, the Caesar Cut hairstyle is very easy to do and the haircut needed for the Caesar Cut is very generic, so, if you change your mind any day, you can always wear other hairstyles anyway. All in all, the Caesar Cut is a very recommended hairstyle that will never have you look out of place.

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