The Buzz Cut hairstyle – An Always Convenient style

Last updated on August 7th, 2018 at 04:14 pm

The buzz cut is a very simple and low maintenance hairstyle that fits most modern men. Effortless and convenient, I normally recommend those men wanting to sport a buzz cut to buy their own hair clippers as this hairstyle is quite easy to do for oneself or have someone else do it in minutes.

The buzz cut is the flagship hairstyle of the near shaved length, a length which goes from shaved up to 1/8 inch, which equates to a #1 in a hair clipper’s guard number.


David Beckham with a buzz cut hairstyle for men

David Beckham showing how convenient a buzz cut is for sportsmen!

Source: Adidas

Likewise, a buzz cut is a great foundation for many short length hairstyles as it encourages the even growth of hair all around the head, thus building the base for hairstyles such as the Faux Hawk or a simple side parted hairstyle.

What’s more is that the buzz cut is a great example of how to differentiate a haircut from a hairstyle, a semantic difference which many men tend to get confused with. A haircut involves the modifying of one one’s hair via cutting or trimming while a hairstyle is how one wears his hair on a daily basis. Thus, a buzz cut hairstyle is achieved with a haircut emphasizing the buzzing of one’s head to a same length! The buzz cut as a term is commonly used¬†interchangeably¬†to describe both the actual haircut itself as well as the hairstyle but do make sure that you are well aware of the difference between a haircut and a hairstyle.

The buzz cut hairstyle is thus a great DIY option to always go back to if you are too busy to be styling your hair in the morning or if you want to grow your hair from scratch in an even fashion to favour any future hairstyles you may have in mind as your mane grows. Simple and convenient, Men’s Hair Blog recommended!

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