Burr Cut Haircut: How to Buzz This Military Style

How to do the Military Burr Cut Haircut

The Burr Cut involves having the hair clipped to an evenĀ  hair clipper length of a #1 or #2 all around the head; the Burr Cut is a simple military haircut that you can do yourself in the comfort of your own home with a hair clipper.

Victor Valdes with a burr cut haircut.

Hair length category


Suitable hair type

Straight hair, wavy hair, coiled hair, kinky hair (click in our hair type guide for more)

Haircut for the Burr Cut

With a hair clipper, attach a #1 or #2 guard and simply buzz the scalp with the same guard all around by following the contour of the head; if your hair clipper doesn’t require attaching a guard and is instead re-adjustable, then simply select the hair clipper length you want. Whatever guard length you choose, the hair should be clipped evenly to the same guard length all around the head.

FC Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes with his usual burr cut.

Haircut difficulty

1 out of 5

Styling of the Burr Cut

Because the length is so short (i.e. near-shaved), there is no styling to be done with a Burr.

Styling difficulty

Not applicable

Male reference for the Burr Cut haircut

FC Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes is known for sporting a Burr Cut.

Victor Valdes with short hair posing for the Men's Health magazine.

Recommended hair products to use for the Burr Cut

You will only need a hair clipper for the Burr Cut, so I suggest that you invest in a high-quality hair clipper as low-quality hair clippers break easily due to the overheating that occurs from buzzing the hair. Buy any of the following hair clippers

Burr Cut: Conclusion

As you have been able to read, the Burr Cut is easy and fast to buzz; all you need is a good hair clipper and you’re ready to go. The Burr Cut is an excellent summer short hairstyle that I recommend to you if you’d rather be cool and fresh when the temperatures are absurdly hot!

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