The Blowout Hairstyle – Haircut & Styling It

The Blowout Hairstyle – Haircut & Styling It

The Blowout is a men’s hairstyle that gives the impression of having had one’s face exposed to a strong wind gust. It was popularised in the early 2000s.

Pauly D with a Blowout hairstyle and haircut while djing

Pauly D with a classic Blowout hairstyle!

Hair length category


Suitable hair type

Straight hair, wavy hair, coiled hair

Haircut for the Blowout

The haircut for the Blowout hairstyle involves having the first 2 inches in height of the hairline of the back (nape) and sides (ears) being faded with a hair clipped while the rest of the hair (top of the head plus the part of the back and sides which wasn’t faded) being of a medium length (2-6 inches). This haircut will create a 2-inch wide band of faded hair across the back and sides, while the hair that sits higher will be of your selected medium length. Thus, you will have plenty of hair mass to then style.

Haircut difficulty

3 out of 5

Styling the Blowout

For the Blowout hairstyle, a hair dryer is imperative. After drying your hair with a towel, use a hair brush to pull the hair up and back while simultaneously blow drying it. Once the hair is all standing up and angled to the back, it is then time to work on the hair that is around the perimeter of the hair that you have blow dried. Grab some hair gel and, using your fingers, lift the hair around the perimeter up and then slightly back.

Do not work on the hair inside the perimeter for the Blowout, leave it as it is (i.e. blow dried and not coated in hair gel); instead, work your fingers on said hair around the perimeter and coat it with hair gel as you lift it up and back. Once you do this, you will look like you are being exposed to wind gusts and thus your hair is puffy (from the blow drying) and pulled back (from using hair gel on the hair around the perimeter).

The final touch to the Blowout hairstyle is provided by using hair spray and blow drying the hair again. Spray the hair spray from about a foot distance aiming for all the hair (including the hair inside the perimeter). After using the hair spray, blow dry your hair again, using your fingers and the hair brush to correct any deviations of the hairstyle (remember, the hair around the perimeter is pulled up and back).

In the case that your hair isn’t straight, you can use a hair straightener to straighten your curly locks and do a Blowout, though this hairstyle can also be done on wavy or coiled hair without straightening the curls.

Styling difficulty

4 out of 5

Who sports the Blowout hairstyle?

Pauly D of Jersey Shore (aka Paul Delvecchio, born July 5, 1980) is most famous for sporting a Blowout and popularizing this hairstyle.

Pauly D with a haircut to sport the Blowout hairstyle during a DJ party

Hair Products for the Blowout hairstyle

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Now go and rock that Blowout, bro!

Image credit: Eva Rinaldi

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