Valentine Day – 5 Best Male Hair Products For This Day

Last updated on August 7th, 2018 at 03:56 pm

As men striving for better hair, Valentine Day serves as the perfect day to look forward to impressing our dates with our successful manes. Valentine Day is one of the days of the year in which you cannot let your hair “let you down”, so to speak, so you need to build a good hair product arsenal for this date to ensure that your hair looks its best during such a romantic day. Thus, at Men’s Hair Blog, we bring you 5 male hair products that are the best to have for this particular calendar occasion.

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Best Male Hair Products for Valentine Day – Pomade

Pomade is your ally when it comes to sporting shiny, slick and oldchool hair. Likewise, pomade is a safe product in terms of results, it will never surprise you as hair gel or hair spray will do, and pomade will not give you a greasy look either (unless you use huge amounts).

To use pomade, spread a fingertip across your fingers and work your way through your damp hair. Pomade is best used on straight or wavy hair (Type I and II as per the Curly Hair Type Guide).




Best Male Hair Products for Valentine Day – Hair straightener/flat iron

Sharp-looking hairstyles are trending for this 2013, so sporting one for Valentine Day is the best way to kick-start your 2013 romantic endeavours. I have recently covered the Zyzz hairstyle, which is one of my favourite hairstyles for men who want to use a hair straightener. Essentially, anything that involves a shaggy look will benefit greatly from the use of hair straighteners (aka flat irons).

To use a hair straightener, dry your hair previously and use a heat protecting spray so as to avoid damaging your hair. Straighten your hair from the base of the locks to the tips, avoiding touching your scalp with the hair straightener.



Best Male Hair Products for Valentine Day – The Curly Hair Book

The best online hair care websites are ours as well as Manly Curls (also owned by Rogelio), but, when it comes to offline male hair reading, The Curly Hair Book: Or How Men Can Now Rock Their Waves, Coils And Kinks is the daddy of all books. While the book particularly focuses on all types of curly hair (from wavy hair to afro-textured hair), The Curly Hair Book can also be read and be of use for straight-haired fellas.

Guys are already reporting vast improvements on their hair in as little as one week of following Rogelio’s advice in his book. Get the book, start applying the knowledge you will find inside and then turn up for your Valentine Day’s date rocking your mane!




Best Male Hair Products for Valentine Day – Fish oil

In The Curly Hair Book, Rogelio recommends fish oils as one of the best nutritional supplements to use to feed your hair from inside. Fish oils are known to help improve one’s resistance to cardiovascular disease, yet fish oils also have a pro-hair benefit as their intake optimizes your endogenous sebum secretion.

Two to three grams of omega-3 combined (EPA/DHA) will provide a cosmetic boost to your hair, whether straight, wavy, curly or kinky.




Best Male Hair Products for Valentine Day – Hair Clipper

One big mistake many men commit is letting their sideburns get all scruffy. You must never go on a date with unkempt sideburns because this area of the scalp has the wiriest of all hairs so it is very easy for the sideburns to kill your hairstyle, no matter how cool your hairstyle may be. Moreover, a good hair clipper like the one recommended below these lines will allow you to not only keep your sideburns neat but will also allow you to shape them creatively, which goes a long way in helping you rock some pretty cool hairstyles.

Get yourself the hair clipper below; it is a solid and reliable clipper that can be used at any time for your sideburns and for any other area of your scalp (it’s great for giving yourself cropped hairstyles in an instant!).


With these 5 best male hair products for Valentine Day, you have no excuses to not be showing up to your date rocking a great head of hair. And, remember, if you have any questions up until the big day (or thereafter), send them our way and we’ll help you get yourself prepared!


P.S: after you’re done getting yourself the hair products, make sure to pass by Manly Curls to also check out Rogelio’s 8 tips for Valentine’s Day so that you get your biggest bang for your buck when the 14th February 2013 rolls in!

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