Balding & Why You Should Watch Your Hairline

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I always tell men in their late 20’s to start monitoring their hairline. This is because Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) is the main reason as to why men start balding and it is the hairline that is most commonly affected in the initial stages. Male pattern baldness, the most common hair loss condition in men, starts with thinning of the hairline in the temple area (top sides of your forehead), with the thinning transferring all the way back to the vertex (crown of the head). Most MPB cases follow this pattern although there are other rare MPB initial pattern manifestations such as overall thinning on the top of the head. I have written an introductory article on Male Pattern Baldness that I recommend you to read as part of understanding what MPB is.

Dr. James Norwood in the 50s and later Dr. O’Tar Norwood in the 70s pioneered a classification of MPB stages which predict the progression of male pattern baldness. This classification is known as the Norwood scale and is a good hint as to how MPB will progress over time. The Norwood scale consists of 7 progressive stages in which hair loss increments noticeably. The progression from Stage I to Stage II is manifested by receding of the hairline at the temples, with further recession as well as the forming of a balding spot on the vertex (crown) as MPB progresses.


The Norwood scale is used for men who are balding

 The Norwood Scale showing the 7 stages and sub-types of Male Pattern Baldness


The above is why I always urge men to keep an eye on their hairline once they are over the age of 25. MPB most commonly starts in the late 20s and early 30s and it is very subtle, one will not see the slow progressive thinning of the hairline unless one is actively checking it. By the time one notices the hairline recession, one may very well be on his way to a Stage III as it is very easy to conceal a Stage II if one has medium length hair or hairstyles which include fringes (e.g. Mop Top or the Side Fringe).

My advice to you is to simply take pictures of your hairline every 6 months if you are over the age of 25 and if any of the males in your family have or have had male pattern baldness. It is a myth that male hair loss only comes from the mother’s side; MPB can be inherited from both parents so search your family tree to identify any males in your family with MPB (go down a few generations). Wikipedia has a good stub on MPB which I recommend you to read here.

To keep an eye on your hairline, take pictures of your head from the side, front and top, with the hair pulled back so that the hairline is visible. I recommend every 6 months, even if you don’t have a family history of MPB. This check-up process will take you 5 minutes and will be worth its weight in gold as time goes by and you accumulate a log of documented photographs. Try to take them under the same light and position, as not doing so can skew the visibility of your hairline. In the case that you spot your hairline receding, then order some Rogaine and see a dermatologist who will very likely recommend you to go on Rogaine or some similar minoxidil preparation as such a product is proven to help male pattern baldness by either slowing it down, stopping it and/or regrowing the lost hair again!

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With regards to the above Amazon distributors, you should be at least aiming to be on Rogaine for 6 months as it takes months for the Rogaine/minoxidil to show its full positive effects. If your budget allows for it, grab at least year’s supply in one go as Rogaine, just like any other minoxidil-containing product, needs to be used long term so as to benefit from its hair-regrowing magnificent properties!

Remember that 50% of men are on their way to baldness by age 50 so don’t risk it and start watching your hairline now to prevent future hair loss problems!

All the best.


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