Afro Hairstyle – How To Style & Haircut For Kinky Hair

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The Afro hairstyle is the Everest of mane awesomeness for kinky-haired dudes, and it revolves around allowing the hair to puff out so that the overall shape of the hair is rounded. The Afro was at its height in the 1970s although this peculiar kinky hairstyle for men has made a strong come back in the last 10 years. The Afro hairstyle is a typical black men hairstyle although this hairstyle can also be done by men of other ethnicities; the only requisite is having kinky-type hair.

The Afro hairstyle as pictured by a black male

Hair length category

Medium, long

Suitable hair type

Kinky hair (aka afro textured hair)

Haircut for the Afro hairstyle

All the hair should be trimmed to the same medium length (2-6 inches); the sideburns can be cropped though. As the hair grows, further trims may be needed to ensure that the Afro remains rounded. An Afro hairstyle can grow as long as desired (i.e. long length category), but special care should be placed in maintaining the sphere-like shape of the Afro.

A variation in hair length for the Afro hairstyle is when the hair is kept at a length between 1 and 2 inches; in this case, the Afro is known as a Teenie Weenie Afro (aka TWA). A Teenie Weenie Afro for men normally occurs when growing one’s Afro from a buzzed length; the kinky hair will start to take its puffed-out even circular shape as the kinks hit the 0.5-inch length mark, and, from 1 inch onwards in length, the foundation for the Afro hairstyle will be highly visible.

Haircut difficulty

3 out of 5

How to style an Afro hairstyle

Since kinky hair stands up and puffs out naturally, the Afro hairstyle comes naturally to men with this hair type. The difficulty with this hairstyle is not the puffing out itself but, rather, the retouching of the locks and correcting of the puff, for which both of these measures should be implemented with a hair pick. The hair pick can also be used to identify any tangling of the kinks and thus proceed to untangle. The Afro should be kept moisturized as doing so will ensure the good looks and rounded shape of this hairstyle (a non-moisturized Afro will loose the rounded shape).

Good hairstyling products to use on the Afro include styling creams, natural oils and leave-in conditioners. Natural oils should be used to coat the kinks from mid-length of the lock to the tips. The application of these hairstyling products should be done when the kinky hair has been dried to a damp state; proceed to apply the products and then allow the Afro to dry on its own. You may use a hair drier to accelerate the drying of your mane but you must blow dry your hair carefully, ensuring that you do leave some moisture in the kinks and also ensuring that the kinky hair is not left fully dried.

Styling difficulty

3 out of 5

Which male celebrity has sported a cool Afro hairstyle?

Lenny Kravitz is known for sporting an Afro on and off every time that his hair is at a medium length.

Lenny Kravitz with his kinky curly hair styled in an Afro hairstyle

Men’s hair products for an Afro hairstyle

The Afro is one of those coolcat men’s hairstyles that will spice your head; it will bring some ’70s allure while allowing you to rock that kinky curly hair of yours. 110% recommended!

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