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A bit of a nomad, Rogelio has lived in 5 countries and travelled to quite some more. Among others, 2 of his passions are blogging and writing, and he has been dubbed by his readers as “the Chuck Norris of hair” and the “Dr. Phil of curly hair”. A curly haired dude by nature, Rogelio has been hacking the hair conundrum for over a decade already as he has studied everything about hair while throwing all sorts of potions and kitchen blends on his curls, only to chop his mane again into every single haircut and hairstyle possible and then deciding to grow his coils and kinks to waist-length.

Popular among men wanting no Mickey Mouse nonsense advice, Rogelio has brought and keeps bringing useful content to those men who care about their hair but also want a better lifestyle. Rogelio’s passions include blogging, Olympic weightlifting, riding waves big waves, electronic music & DJing, living in new countries and altogether enjoying a good life. Rogelio is the creator of Men’s Hair Blog and also the popular Manly Curls site. Rogelio is on Google + as an Author and you can follow him on Twitter.

Rogelio has written 2 bestselling hair books for men:


London-born LaSalle is a hairdresser specializing in men’s hair and who started in a small barbershop in London and worked his way up to men’s hair salons in New York and Miami. He has over 15 years experience cutting and styling all types of hair although he himself, having kinky-curly hair, has a thing for kinks and afros. LaSalle is currently travelling all of South America and has taken some time-off to see the world having not established a date to return to the life of the rest of us mortals! In the meantime, LaSalle makes some space to collaborate with Men’s Hair Blog; LaSalle is in charge of the hairstyle section and the hairdresser content. He is into his Grime music and digs the underground hip hop scene.


Italians know style and Paolo is our collaborator for everything to do with trendy hairstyles and what’s new in terms of hair and fashion for men. Paolo is currently interning for a fashion company in Rome and comes from a hairdressing family with hair salons in Milan and Turin. He is big into his socializing, working out and is known as Il Stallone among his friends. His English skills are up to par and he wants to get into writing articles related to men’s lifestyle and the whole blogging scene.

For your male grooming needs, visit the Barbershop Forums, the mens style and fashion community with some epic male grooming stuff thrown in!

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