The 5 Rules to Good Hair

Last updated on August 7th, 2018 at 04:15 pm

These rules are the backbone to having good hair, follow them in your quest to rocking a good-looking mane.

Rule 1: Thou shalt find your optimal shampoo frequency

Essential. Some dudes find daily shampooing is best for them while others are better off shampooing once a week, that’s how wild shampoo frequency can be. Thing is, if you want to take advantage of nature’s best conditioner, your own sebum, you have to find harmony between your own secretion of sebum and how often you remove it (i.e. use shampoo).

This is what I like to call the Sebum Harmony: by trial and error you find how long it takes for your hair to be coated in sebum and when it needs the removal of said sebum. Read my 1 weird tip for better hair article and then my article on the No Poo method guide to get yourself on the path to optimal shampoo frequency.

Rule 2: You will know your specific hair texture and length

There are two main types of hair texture: straight and curly. Straight hair doesn’t have any sub-types where as curly hair comes in a range of sub-types (Type I to Type V). You must know your hair texture to get your locks rocking because certain hairstyles suit certain textures and certain products work on certain types.


Adrian Grenier showing his wavy good hair

Adrian Grenier is a great example of what following these 5 rules can lead to!

Source: David Shankbone


Rule 3: Thou shalt know your hair length

There are 4 hair lengths available to men: near shaved (up to 1/8 inch), short (up to 2 inches), medium (up to 6 inches) and long (+6 inches). Just like with hair texture, hair length plays a role in defining your hair routine. It is not the same having long length hair as opposed to short hair whether it is for hair styling or hair grooming, so get the ruler out and measure your locks!

Rule 4: You will have a routine

Just like working out or when getting stuff done, you need a routine to get good hair. That means you must work out a routine that ensures that you get your hair doing as you want whenever you want. Ever wondered why one day your hair looks great and the next it looks like you stuck your fingers inside a wall socket?

Rule 5: Thou shalt keep an open mind

Good hair doesn’t come from pouring all sort of stuff on your head and hoping magic happens. While there are some excellent hair products out there, you must be aware that hair products + knowledge is the key to good hair. This means you must keep an open mind in your quest to get the right knowledge for your hair. At Men’s Hair Blog we bring you this knowledge but you must keep such an open mind to be able to keep the doors open.

An example of keeping an open mind is illustrated with Rule 1. You would not be the first dude who would say “the hell with not shampooing daily” and think of it as something that is reserved for lazy men who find even shampooing their hair a chore. I was like that too in the beginning, then I saw what having an open mind could do when it came to my locks. At Men’s Hair Blog we are pioneering the hair advice for men, so bear with us, keep an open mind and if we put it here, it’s because it is of use to the modern 21st century male!

If you start with these 5 rules as the backbone of your goal to achieving good hair, you will be ahead of the game.

All the best.


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