1 Weird Tip to Style Your Hair As A Dude

Last updated on May 7th, 2013 at 03:48 pm

Most guys that come to me in the search of answers for their hair tend to obviate their finger’s ability to act as pseudo combs. In fact, most guys I’ve advised on grooming matters over the years have found out that their hair improves upon making use of their fingers primarily to style their hair; and it is true: a weird tip to style your hair is, in fact, to use your fingers only for your hairstyles!

Combs became the norm in men’s hair grooming at the beginning of the 21st century. Back then, slicked hairstyles (most notably back and parted to the side) became popular as these hairstyles were functional, and this hair-grooming concept continue throughout this last century. Combs, either pocket combs or conventional combs, became the norm and every male would own one to style his hair, whether his locks were straight or curly. In The Men’s Hair Book, I stress the use of your fingers to primarily style your hair and then use a comb or wide-tooth comb to provide the finishing touches to your chosen hairstyle.

Picture of a man with side parted hairstyle with a comb reflecting oldschool hair grooming

The military had an immense effect on hair grooming during the 21st century and it’s still very palpable today!

So, if you want to sport a messy look (i.e. Shaggy hairstyle), it is bets that you entirely skip the comb and only use your fingers to merely tousle your hair. On the other hand, if you want to part or slick your hair back, do so first with your fingers and then, only then, use a comb (conventional or wide-tooth) to tighten up the hairstyle. When tightening up the hairstyle, it is imperative that you do so carefully so as to not damage the hair shafts or pull hair strands out, which when done chronically can lead to traction alopecia and cause irreversible hair loss.

Just as you will find me emphasizing the following throughout The Men’s Hair Book, you must avoid pulling your hair too hard when you style your hair (including ponytails or tying your hair). A big % of men experience male pattern baldness (MPB), which means that their follicles are weakened and will give out if enough tension is applied as when styling your hair. Since MPB is hard to detect in its first stages, you may already have weakened hair follicles that, last thing they need, is to be pulled out of the follicle socket.

So there, your one weird tip to style your hair as a male is to use your fingers instead of combs or hair brushes; call that a minimalist hair-grooming tip!

All the best, gentlemen.


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