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Hey guys,

Just like I announced over at Manly Curls, I’ve got some pretty cool news for you folks. A new online community has been created, and its as haircentric as it comes: it covers all about mens hairstyles, haircuts, cool trendy hair, celebrity men and much more. The name of this new online comnunity is The Men’s Hair Forum and it’s one awesome community to be in.

Snapshot of The Men's Hair Forum

The forum is very recent and it’s already being populated with some interesting topics, apart from the questions on men’s hair care that are answered by the dedicated team supporting this forum. I’m also on the forum, so you can find me there and the team is looking to build a great community online where we can all chat about hair-related and grooming-related stuff, plus all the bits and pieces of men’s talk (hot women included!).

For now, the forum categories are a few so that, as the community grows, they can pinpoint further categories and get more added. At the moment, the current categories are pretty sweet, covering general hair-related stuff to specific hair-type categories to a celebrity-men category where you can see and learn about the hairstyles of your favorite male celebrities.

You are welcome to join in the community (it’s free!) and we’re all hoping to see you there. Go now to The Men’s Hair Forum and join this innovative and pioneering community, it’ll be worth it!

See you there, fellas.

All the best.


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